Android is an incredible open OS that offers numerous profits to developers and end-users. Dissimilar to with ios applications, designers have more conceivable outcomes like persevering foundation administrations, occasion beneficiaries and successive caution triggers.These gimmicks can be extraordinary and now and then offer a finer client experience, yet when ill-used they can likewise ease off your gadget and channel your battery. Particularly when you have huge amounts of applications introduced, your Android phone  can get a tad bit moderate.

Increase Battery Life by Auto-Hibernating Apps in Android without Root

Greenify – the most recent progression in the battery sparing section . Prior It obliged root get to yet now engineers have made it feasible for non-established clients additionally .

Greenify free android app


How Greenify Works?

Greenify helps you to recognize terrible acting applications and how about we you place them into a slept state. By this, the applications won’t have the capacity to begin foundation administrations or appeal information unless you begin the application. A more modest measure of foundation administrations runs on your gadget which prompts better CPU and RAM use. This results in enhanced framework execution and battery life. Marvelous, correct?


How to Use it ?

Step 1: Install Greenify

A free version of Greenify is available on Google Play Store. There’s also a donate version of Greenify for $2.99, which includes some advance features that the free version doesn’t have.

Step 2: Select Apps to Hibernate

Select apps to Hibernate . close out any messages and start Greenify, gives you on first-run, then press the Greenify… which is at the bottom of the screen.

The following screen records the majority of the applications that are either as of now running out of sight, or can start up without your information. Select any applications that you might want to put into hibernation, remembering that these applications will be unable to post notices when you’re not utilizing them. Any applications with the Cloud logo to the right of their entrance, notwithstanding, will at present have the capacity to post warnings, as these applications utilize the Google Cloud Messaging stage.

Step 3: Enable the Greenify Accessibility Service

From the following screen, tap the Zzz catch, then Greenify will take you to theapp Info page for the first application you chose.

As the message says, the following arrangement of occasions can be mechanized on the off chance that you empower Greenify’s availability administration. So tap Enable Automation, then on the following screen, select the Greenify section. From here, flip the switch at the highest point of the screen to On, then press Okay on the popup.

Step 4: Enable Automated Hibernation

Now, in main screen of greenify, click on the three-dot menu button and select Experimental Features.

greenify increase battery

Now, click on the entry for Automated hibernation, then press Activate on the screen and it will show you next.

Presently from here , you’ll be brought vacate to the Experimental Features page, where you ought to tick the container beside Automated hibernation now.


Now, computerized hibernation is all situated up on your gadget. You can for all intents and purpose overlook that you have Greenify introduced, since it will keep on resulting that your chose applications stay rested.

Final Words

I’ve been utilizing Greenify for the recent days and I truly like it. I was not mindful that some of my applications are continually utilizing CPU control just to check for things that I needn’t bother with. Greenify certainly helped me to enhance my Android experience.


  1. I completely agree with you on this.
    Greenify is the only app that helps you in increasing the battery life of your Android device.
    I have used apps like DU Battery saver but they doesn’t work as well as Greenify in hibernating the apps.

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