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If you want to use multiple digital personal assistant like Alexa Assistant along with Google Assistant then you should purchase HTC U11.

During the launch, one of the prominent features announced by HTC was the support for both Google Assistant and Amazon alexa Assistant. But Alexa assistant was not available during the launch, which will be available from Monday 17th July.

Updating Edge sense will bring the option “Launch HTC Alexa” though you won’t be able to use Alexa before Monday which is just one day away. Basically Edge sense will make your device ready for Alexa Assistant but actual functionality is server-side so Monday onwards, Alexa Assistant will be fully functional.



Alexa Assistant now supports more than 15000 skills and rapidly growing thus it can perform numerous tasks like reading the news, streaming music, control smart home devices, call an Uber, and much more.

Alexa assistant on HTC U11 will be able to use Drop In feature allowing you to use Amazon Echo for a two-way chat. Currently, aside from cross-functionality between alexa app and echo devices, Alexa assistant won’t do much more than Google Assistant. But this will surely bring many alexa skills to android device and will give push to Alexa developer’s community to create new apps in future.


It will be interesting to see whether HTC and Amazon have brought anything new with this partnership in terms of functionality for the HTC U11 to set it apart from the competitors.

Regardless, if you’re invested in Amazon’s world of devices or if you just prefer something different on your HTC U11, you’ll soon be able to switch things up.

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