Since it became available in the United States, and Canada for the android users, HQ Trivia has taken the app install numbers by storm. It’s a free to play quiz app but offers real money prizes. It was a hit ever since it launched on iOS in October 2017, but Android users got to use it now.

hq trivia

The company’s official Twitter account announced the launch of limited beta for Android on December 25. They also mentioned that they’re preparing for a full launch in the U.S. by 1st January.

The app is developed by Colin Kroll, and Rus Yusupov, the guys who co-founded Vine. At 12 pm and 6 pm PT, on weekdays, the app live streams 12 MCQ ( multiple choice questions ) for its users. Users get 10 seconds for answering one questions. The short time span was selected so that users don’t have enough time to google or look the answers up. If a user gets all 12 questions correct, they will either win or split a 2grand cash prize. You might get one or two questions right, but getting all of them quick is a bit tricky.

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HQ Trivia is available for pre-registration for those who’re in the U.S., but Canadian Android users are in an even better spot (not in sheldon’s), they can grab the beta version and start playing. You can find the app on Google play store via the link below.


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