how to turn off cellular data for specific apps in android

How to Turn Off Cellular Data for Specific Apps in Android: Tips and Tricks?

Do you have an Android phone and find that your data plan is being eaten up too quickly? If so, you’re not alone. Cellular data can be used by any number of apps in the background, which can quickly eat into your monthly data allowance. We will show you how to turn off cellular data for specific apps on your Android phone. This will help you conserve data and save money on your monthly bill!

What is Сellular Data and How Does it Consume Your Internet Traffic?

Cellular data is the data that your phone uses when it is connected to a cellular network. This can include things like app updates, email synchronization, and internet browsing. When you have an unlimited data plan, this usually isn’t a problem. However, if you have a limited data plan, it is important to be aware of how much data you are using.

Most cellular plans these days come with a data cap, which is the maximum amount of data you can use in a month. Once you exceed this limit, you will either be charged extra or your service will be cut off. This is why it is important to know how to turn off cellular data for specific apps on your Android phone.

How to prohibit access to the Internet on Android?

how to turn off cellular data for specific apps in android

As you have already understood, there may be several reasons for the ban. But, as a rule, blocking is used to: 

  • reduce paid mobile traffic; 
  • to protect from connection of certain resources; 
  • to save the charge.

So, to disable access to the Insternet you can do in several ways directly in the device:

  • The simplest option – simply disable “Mobile data” and Wi-Fi.
  • The next way will require a little more manipulation thereby “cheat” the device: in the settings select “Connections”, and then go to “Other networks”; under “Mobile networks” click “Access points” and add the actual network is not working.
  • And the third way, as a radical measure, is to turn on the autonomous mode or airplane mode. A long press on the power button on your phone will bring up a menu where you can select such a function. In newer versions of Android, starting with Lollipop, this option is also available from the notification bar. But the offline mode will absolutely cut you off from communication, so this method is relevant only in those situations when you are at a business meeting, or at night when you go to bed or just want to rest and concentrate on something else.

How to Turn Off Cellular Data for all apps on Android?

how to turn off cellular data for specific apps in android

The easiest way to disable data transfer on Android is the button on the top bar. Open the top bar by swiping down and examine the buttons available to quickly turn on/off the various functions of your smartphone. Among these buttons there should be a button to disable data transfer. Press the button “mobile data” to disable the data transfer function.

How to Turn Off Cellular Data for Specific Apps on Android

If you don’t want to disable cellular data on all applications, especially since some of them are really necessary in the background to synchronize updates. You can see a list of all applications consuming your traffic for the month, for this you need to do:

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Scroll down and tap Data usage.
  • Tap the app you want to limit in the list.
  • Tap the switch next to Background data to turn it off.
  • You will be prompted to confirm this action. Tap OK to continue.

Congrats, now you know how to save some precious data!

And while you picked up your smartphone to start saving your data and money, in the meantime we have answered the interesting questions of Android users.


Sending “service information” can also waste the internet?

In fact, of course, this option does not consume the mobile Internet as much as, for example, video content. Nevertheless, some consider this function to be superfluous and often turn it off.

Can I turn off data on my child’s phone t-mobile?

The absolute easiest way to stop the data is: Log in to, select his line, choose Manage Data and Add-Ons, then change his data feature to “No Data”. You can change this back at any time if you wish. There are also many spy apps for parental control that help you, without your child’s knowledge, to limit or disable the use of the Internet on their phone.

How to disable cellular data on Android remotely?

In some cases, it may be necessary to remotely deactivate the mobile Internet on Android. For example, if you have lost your smartphone or it was stolen. In such a situation, you can block access to the network by calling your operator and asking to do this. If you have a SIM card from another operator, then you need to know the number of the device that you want to block. After that, call the service center of your mobile operator and say that you want to block the Internet on Android by IMEI. The specialist will make all the necessary settings and after that, your device will not be able to connect to the network.

Is there a “Help with Wi-Fi” function on Android?

Not that we know of. But if you have an iPhone:

Open Settings on your phone.
Tap Connections.
Tap Wi-Fi.
Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
Tap Advanced.
Find the “Help with Wi-Fi” option and disable it.

Is iCloud syncing services eating up mobile data?

iCloud is a cloud service that provides users with access to their files, photos, videos, contacts, and more. It’s a great way to keep your data safe and secure, but it can also use up a lot of your cellular data if you’re not careful. To turn off iCloud syncing on your iPhone:

Open Settings on your phone.
Tap iCloud.
Tap the switch next to each app that you want to disable iCloud syncing for.

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