How To Track Your Child’s iPhone Without Being Noticed: The Dangers of Social Media

Kids these days spend way too much time on their phones. In fact, some kids have been known to live off of their phone and social media sites for hours! This can be an incredibly dangerous thing, as there are many dangers lurking in the world of social networking. 

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about your child being addicted to social media anymore if they have a smartphone – because now there’s a spy app called mSpy that will allow you to keep track of everything they do without them ever knowing it! There are also several other methods that we will look at.

How To Track Your Child’s iPhone Without Being Noticed

What are the dangers of social media & phone addiction? Social networking sites have transformed our lives in terms of how we communicate with each other. But at what cost? Today’s society is more connected than ever but has become less personable. 

Studies show that teens spend an average of nine hours a day on their mobile devices which can lead to serious psychological problems such as depression. The use of technology is also leading to sleep deprivation among young people who will remain awake until late into the night exchanging text messages instead of sleeping soundly.

Why should you track your child’s iPhone?

There are many dangers that await your child on social networking sites. For example, they can be a target for bullying and other forms of abuse from people who want to hurt them. They may even be stalked by someone with bad intentions! In addition, it’s possible that kids will receive inappropriate messages or pictures on their phone – so you need to keep your children safe from anything like this happening.

Also, your child may be addicted to their phone and spend too much time on it. This can lead to a number of problems, such as low grades at school or even depression. Often the first love of a teenager is their phone. If they can’t have it, or if you limit how much time they spend on social media every day, then this may be upsetting for them and cause conflict between the two of you.

How To Track Your Child’s iPhone Without Being Noticed

These are just some examples why it’s important to monitor your children’s iPhone usage – as well as what dangers that await kids on social networking sites. For example, some apps has many helpful features which allow parents to keep track of their child without being noticed by them!

This article will help answer any questions about these spy-like capabilities. Maisie Martin from Life Hacker says: “One spy app offers everything we’ve discussed so far in one package and manages to do so at a reasonable price.” 

How to monitor your child’s iPhone on the Internet?

1. Install the parental control app on your child’s iPhone 

How to monitor your child’s iPhone on the Internet?

After analyzing many parental control applications, we settled on the best one – mSpy. mSpy is a reliable and cost-effective device monitoring solution that can help you protect your child against perils such as cyberbullying, sexting, predators and any other dangers the internet may bring. 

mSpy provides an easy way to keep track of your children’s online activity by allowing you access to their text messages, phone calls logs, photos taken with the iPhone’s camera or even its GPS location at all times.

In order for this product to function properly on your child’s iPhone it will have to be jailbroken first – which means being able to break through iOS’ security measures in order to install third party applications onto Apple devices without having them officially certified by Apple Incorporated. However once performed correctly mSpy will work excellent. You should follow the instructions on the official website.

mSpy features review

To protect children from social networking sites, it is essential that parents stay informed about what apps their kids are using as well as how much time they spend online. mSpy now offers an affordable solution for monitoring any iOS device ! This spy app will allow you to monitor all activity on a target iDevice including: messages sent & received, web history, photos or videos uploaded/downloaded etc. What better way could there be than being able to do this in real-time?! 

What makes mSpy unique is that it gives an opportunity for parents who care about what goes on in their child’s life – but does not want them to know that they’re being monitored by their parent(s). It’s easy-to-use interface means that anyone will be able to effectively monitor a person’s activity on their iPhone in just a few steps.

We all want to know what our kids are up to, and we need to be able to trust them completely. Mobile phone monitoring software is the answer. mSpy allows you to track your child’s iPhone in real time, monitor their text messages, call history and web browsing activity, view photos or videos taken with the device camera and even includes a live support chat feature!


How to monitor your child’s iPhone on the Internet?
  • Allows you to To Track Your Child’s iPhone in real time: You can see what your child is up to on their phone in real time.
  • Tracking SMS text messages: You can read all of your child’s text messages, even if they are deleted.
  • Monitoring contact lists, call history and web browsing activity: Keep track of who your child is talking to, what websites they are visiting and what they are searching for online.
  • Including live support chat feature: If you have any questions or problems with the software, there is a live support chat available to help you out.
  • View photos or videos taken with the device camera: See any photos or videos that your child has taken with their phone.


  • simple installation process
  • real time tracking capabilities
  • ability to monitor several devices at once

Cons mSpy:

  • Not free.
  • Only available for iOS and Android phones, not Windows phones.

How to install mSpy to track you child’s iphone?

The first step is to purchase a mSpy subscription. There are three different subscription plans to choose from: Basic, Premium, and Family.

Steps for installing the app on an iPhone will vary depending on which subscription plan you select. For more information on installation please visit official website!

Once installed, mSpy begins tracking all activity silently and sends updates to your online account dashboard so you can review them at any time! With this application parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is safe and sound while using their iPhone! Thank you for reading!

2. Teach Internet Safety Rules

How to monitor your child’s iPhone on the Internet?

The child should become familiar with the rules of behavior on the Internet as soon as he learns to open the browser on the iPhone. Tell him that the network can be robbed, offend and frightened, as well as harm the iPhone. However, if you follow simple rules, this can be avoided. 

Here are the main ones:

  • You can’t buy anything, including inside iPhone apps.
  • You can not download music, games, applications, books and other content from unverified sites on the iPhone.
  • You cannot communicate with strangers in instant messaging programs and on social networks. Even with children: a boy or a girl can easily turn out to be a grown man.
  • You can not disclose personal information: home address and telephone number, income level of parents, number of the school in which you study.
  • You cannot upload too frank pictures and indicate geolocation if the photo was taken in an apartment or in a schoolyard.

3. Encourage stories about questionable information

How to monitor your child’s iPhone on the Internet?

In order for the child to talk about friends, bullies, suggestions to go somewhere, obscene photos or pictures sent by strangers on their iPhones, parents need to set up a friendly contact with them. The child will be happy to share any information only if he is not criticised.

The first step in teaching your child to be skeptical is to help them develop a questioning attitude. Ask them why they believe the things they do, and encourage them to question information that seems too good (or bad) to be true. Help them learn how to spot phony websites and misleading ads, and teach them how to research topics online before forming an opinion.

Another important skill for kids when it comes to skepticism is being able to identify their own biases. We all have opinions, but it’s important for kids to be aware of which ones are based on fact and which ones are based on personal feelings or beliefs. This will help them evaluate information more critically and make informed decisions about what’s best for them.

4. Make friends on social media

How to monitor your child’s iPhone on the Internet?

Social media can help you quickly learn about your child’s interests and experiences and keep in touch with them. Add him or her as a friend, exchange links, and give him or her likes. But in no case criticize a friend’s page or his own, don’t flood him with comments. After all, if the child becomes uncomfortable, he or she will create a second account that you won’t know about.

5. Don’t pry into your correspondence without asking

An innocent desire to read a child’s correspondence violates their right to privacy and secrets. Show respect and restrain yourself. If you can not cope with the desire to control everything, consult a therapist. After all, to know what is happening in the life of a child, you need to build with him confidence.

How to monitor your child’s iPhone on the Internet?

And if you still do not hold back and peek, do not pay attention to profanity and rudeness. What’s important here is what’s dangerous: discussing fights, offering drugs, invitations from adult strangers, intimate photos. And if you find any of these things in correspondence, you muster your willpower, apologize for the violation of boundaries and explain to the child what is threatening him. And it is very important to maintain an atmosphere of goodwill, no matter how difficult it may be.


The best way to protect children from cyber bullying, sexting, identity theft, online predators or other dangers of social media is with parental control software like mSpy that allows you to monitor all text messages sent and received via iMessage as well as view pictures shared through messaging apps. Parents can use this powerful spying app installed on iPhones without jailbreaking them first! 

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