Many users think rooting an Android phone is very difficult task and also it is very risky. Some of the users think that if one of the step in rooting goes unsuccessful than the phone system get drain and may stop working and it becomes a garbage. Many tutorial are provided online with lengthy and confusing steps and it may happen if some of the steps are not correct this may cause problems to your smartphone.

But don’t worry we are here to solve this problem where you can easily root your android smartphone with just one click. After testing to many android phones we are here to bring one of the best and genuine software named KingRoot. Also you can root your device without connecting it with your PC. That is root from your device itself by downloading Kingroot App and just click one button and rooting process will start automatically.

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Rooting android phone with KingRoot is very easy and you can root any android device within a minute as this process is very easy but KingRoot app doesn’t use “SuperSu” App as a superuser access management tool. It uses it’s own app called “Kinguser”, also with this app it installs one another chinese app called “KingMaster”.

As many of the users don’t like to use “Kinguser” and “KingMaster” on their device as they are unknown apps for android user and many users are habitat of using “SuperSu” app as it is most preferable app used after rooting android device. So if you want to get rid and uninstall/replace “Kinguser” with “SuperSu” App, we will show you how to replace it and get rid of  “Kinguser”.

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Follow the below Steps to Replace the App:

  1. Download the required zip tool, install “Android Terminal Emulator” and “Es File Explorer”.
  2. Extract “” to: /sdcrad/ directory.
  3. Open “Terminal Emulator” and type:

    Insert Su

  4. Give root permission to the emulator by tapping Allow.
  5. Now Type the below given
    sh /sdcard/mrw/

    and then press Enter

  6. Don’t Touch your device everything will be done automatically and just wait.
  7. Once done SuperSu App will launch automatically, if not then launch it manually.
  8. Update SU binary by tapping CONTINUE > NORMAL, don’t click TWRP/CWM, wait until it finish, then REBOOT your device.Update-SU-binary

    Rebooting isn’t required for Galaxy Note 4 and other devices which have temporary root (you will lose root access if you reboot your device).


  • If you lose root access after running the tool re-root your device using KingRoot tool.
  • Make sure you place “mrw” folder into /sdcrad/, if not it will not work.
  • su and sh /sdcard/mrw/ must be typed in lowercase.
  • You can delete “mrw” folder after using it.
  • Check Google Play Store if there is update for SuperSU App to install it.
  • This tool should work on any device (HTC, LG, Sony, Samsung,Motorola,….)

So, this is how you can replace Kinguser to SuperSu and you can get all the access of the SuperSu features. If any Querey you can comment below we will try our best to solve your problems.


  1. By kingroot, i have done rooting my device and it showed rooted.. but by root checker it showed non rooted and i dont have any root access :'( .help me plz

  2. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to root again after kicking Kingroot out of my life. Oh, I know that I could root again with Kingroot, but that’s the only one that worked last time & I’m trying to get away from Kr… But if I seriously don’t have to use Kinguser & KingMaster, well then, that’s a whole new ballgame!
    I always knew that the app took way too many unauthorized liberties, and the last couple of times I uninstalled Purify right away.
    So recently, (2 nights ago) I happened upon a website called ‘Payload Security’ and they first listed credentials and gave a mission statement, then began to show line after line of code proving that KR is a dangerously malicious app. I knew it!!! But then I’m so sad because I didn’t know what I was going to do for root. This site will test a sample of your files for you and it made me heartsick! I got my results last night and didn’t uninstall right away. I was trying to figure out what to do. THEN I FOUND YOU! This advice and instructions will save my android life!
    Thank You!!!

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