how to hide text messages on iphone from girlfriend

How to hide text messages on iPhone?

If you’re like most people, your girlfriend is one of the few people who know all about your life and what you do. This may be a problem for some guys because they feel like their privacy is being invaded. Well, if this sounds familiar then we have just the solution for you: how to hide text messages from your girlfriend! There are many reasons why it’s important to hide texts from her and in this article we will go into detail on how to hide text messages on iPhone with apps that work best.

Is It Possible To Hide Text Messages on iPhone from my girlfriend?

It is definitely possible to hide text messages from your girlfriend and it’s very easy too. There are many ways that you can do this:

  • Hide Text Messages on iPhone with Apps – we will go into detail below, but there are a number of apps out there that allow users to quickly and easily hide texts from others by simply using their phone as normal. Hiding text messages often costs money though so make sure you check the app before purchasing!
  • Use iMessage App for Android or iPhone – free messaging services such as WhatsApp have been known to work in hiding texts from girlfriends, however they may not be reliable enough depending on what kind of data she might look at during “routine” checks. If she has an Apple device , then using iMessage is more than enough, as she will never see your texts if they are sent this way!
  • Hide Text Messages from Wife or Girlfriend – there is a chance that you might be with someone who has no qualms in snooping through your phone. This means it could be very likely for them to find out about the messages you have been sending and receiving. In order to avoid any issues like these, simply make sure that all of your text message conversations are hidden away from prying eyes by hiding them on iPhone now by built-in programs.

Why should you hide texts on iPhone?

Hide Text Messages from Friends – it is quite common for friends to borrow their friend’s phone in order to make a quick call or send out a text. However, this can cause them to stumble upon your private messages which you might not want them viewing at the time! The same goes when lending your iPhone to other people such as family members or colleagues.

Inappropriate Content – if you have been sending and receiving text messages containing inappropriate content, such as adult material or anything else that would be deemed unsuitable for the receiver of your message to see, then it is best to hide these from them in order to avoid any issues with their other halves! This could cause unnecessary tension and arguments .

The best way to go about this, is to use an app that can be downloaded onto your iPhone and used for preventing certain notifications from being shown on the screen of the device. This will mean they do not become aware of them and you can continue using your phone in peace without having to worry! If you are wondering which apps are the best to use, then you can find out below.

The first app that we will look at is one called “Hide it pro” which costs $0.99 and can be downloaded from the app store . If you are wondering whether this price is worth paying for something like this, then the answer would have to be yes! The app is super easy to use and you can have it up and running in less than a minute.

Once you download the app, all that needs to be done is for you go into your phone settings , then notifications . After this, just select Hide It Pro from the list of apps that are shown on screen – after this has been done, that’s it!

The next app is called “Privacy Locker”, this costs $0.99 as well and can be downloaded from the App Store . The great thing about this one is that it has some pretty clever features – for example you are able to customize notifications so they don’t show on your home screen.

The final app that we are going to review is called “Private Messenger”, this one costs $0.99 as well and can be downloaded from the App Store . This one has a lot of similarities with Hide It Pro – however it does have some different features such as allowing you to hide other files on your device including photos, and it also allows you to hide and password protect apps.

How to Hide Messages on iPhone by Turning Off Message Previews in the Settings

If you’re in a relationship, chances are that at some point in time you have had to hide your incoming text messages from your girlfriend. Whether it is because of an embarrassing message or maybe just want her to think everything is fine when she can see all those incoming texts on the screen, hiding them has become almost an essential thing to do.

However, there are many ways of hiding text messages on iphone that you can use and in this guide I am going to cover all the major ones so by the end of it, you will know which one is best for your situation. But before we get started with how to hide texts from girlfriend or any other person for that matter, let’s discuss why exactly people want their private text conversations hidden in the first place.

Hiding Messages when Someone Else Uses Your Phone

One common reason (and probably most valid) would be if someone else has access to your phone like maybe a friend or sister then they might accidentally send an embarrassing message or even look through your older messages without permission .

Hiding Messages to Avoid Getting Caught with Contraband Material

Another reason would be because you don’t want your boyfriend, girlfriend or even wife looking through messages that are questionable. For instance, if someone is hiding messages from their partner then it could be for one of these two reasons: the user has something they don’t want them seeing like maybe a dating app on your phone or worse — pictures taken at an event without anyone knowing about it. Either way both examples fall under this category and will need the same simple solution; how to hide text messages iphone .

How Can I Hide Texts? And How Effective Are They?

So now let’s talk about exactly people go about hiding their texts. There are two main ways it can be done; through iMessage or by using a third party app.

The first way is to use the “Do Not Disturb” mode that comes with iPhone, but then you will not receive any notifications at all which means no alerts for calls either — even if they are from your boss! So however effective this method may be don’t think for one minute that it doesn’t come at a price of being 100% reliable and professional. And although most people would consider this option as an extreme measure because there could always be circumstances where more discretion isn’t needed especially when you’re in meetings etc., some companies do actually have rules about checking phones during working hours so hiding messages probably isn’t worth the risk.

How to hide message notifications on an iPhone

Also you can hide notifications on your iPhone by turning off message previews in the notification settings which will stop text messages from popping up on the lock screen. However this isn’t always suitable especially if you have a partner or someone else who might pick up your phone and see that it’s turned to silent mode, so hiding notifications is not necessarily foolproof either!

How do I delete all text messages from iphone? – If You Want Your Messages To Be Gone Forever…

If, on the other hand, you really need to permanently remove those old messages with a certain person then there’s no simpler way than going into iMessages settings directly and manually doing it yourself. However this isn’t always suitable especially if you have a partner or someone else who might pick up your phone and see that it’s turned to silent mode, so hiding notifications is not necessarily foolproof either! In fact this method doesn’t work for deleted items in iMessages either.

The most foolproof way to Hide Text Messages on iPhone – the Easiest Way!

So if you really want to be sure that your messages are not visible then there is only one reliable method of doing it and this involves using a third party app which allows for complete control over what notifications are shown, hidden or even completely switched off so that they don’t appear at all. And they can also hide individual contacts too, meaning you will have full privacy when texting whoever you like without worrying about anyone else being able to see who has been in contact with them recently. This would be especially useful during difficult break up where ex-partner might cause trouble by prying into your personal life via phone text history.

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