Google is Silently Planning to Take on Microsoft with “Wolverine”

Office-365-vs-Google-AppsGoogle has been reportedly working on two projects which are aimed to improve the G Suite experience. There is not a lot of information available about any of these additions or projects, but it is rumored that one of these projects lets companies manage the data of their employees, and the other one is a business-centric VoIP service.

As per the update from the information, Google cloud has been working on making some vital improvements to its G suite applications in order to appeal more to businesses. As mentioned above, they are improving two services, one aimed at employee data management and other on VoIP. The information has been rolled out by three people who got a brief on the plans.

Although we don’t have any names or clues for what Google is working on, the first project seems to be a take on Microsoft’s existing Active Directory, which is rumored to launch around somewhere in the first half of 2018. There are no confirmed reports as of when this would happen in 2018.

Even more interesting and intriguing is the second project that Google is working on, called as the Wolverine. This is an attempt to sharpen the quality of video and audio service of VoIP service that will be able to route calls inside or outside the company. The call service thereby is being improved to compete better with Skype ( owned by Microsoft ). Google would be branding Wolverine as a cloud-based private branch exchange which will route calls efficiently. This might also give updates to Gsuite’s video conferencing tools. However, these are all based on rumors, Google has neither issued any statement nor google spokeswoman agreed to give any comment.

Regardless of what Wolverine will end up looking like once it is in its final stage, it is reported that it will be cloud-based. All the rumors and news indicate one factor – that Google wants to improve on the G suite. Microsoft is a giant in the enterprise market, thereby google is working hard to climb its way up. There are no details available on the pricing or the design.

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