google buys one more companyWhen it comes to Google, there are certain things that I absolutely love about this tech giant. First thing, the massive amount of data that they have about their user base. Like, they know what you like, they know where you hang out, and even what videos you watch #wink. Second, how quick they are in purchasing startups that can be a rival in coming future.

In the same turn of events, the tech giants have possibly acquired UK’s Redux for an undisclosed amount. Redux is a startup known for its tech which turns surfaces into speakers. None of the companies have disclosed how Google would be using the technology.

Due to its investment, the company was able to make a news with its silent acquisition of Redux. CES 2018 is still going on, and the company sure has a prominent presence at that yearly event.

If you open Redux’s official website, you’d know that the startup is focused on implementing technology which turns surfaces into speakers. This also includes turning phone displays into speakers. If this gets implemented, manufacturers won’t have any need to use tiny speakers. They could make the display screen, and the result would be better sound and more space for components like a larger battery.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the shares were transferred to Google on 13th of December. There is no certain report or statement about why Google bought it, nor about how much has Google paid for this acquisition. It is worth noting that Redux raised $5 million in funding last March, thereby the price could be somewhat around this in lum sum figures.

Google can make a bunch of uses with this tech. It can build smartphones that have smart speakers. This would certainly work in favor of what goals Google has for its pixel line of smartphones. The Pixel 2 XL had front facing speakers, it might be possible that future Pixel smartphones have display speakers. The manufacturer can also improve haptic feedback of its smartphones. It can also lease out Redux’s tech and gain considerable revenue. Prior to being acquisition, the startup didn’t only focus on mobile market, but also on industries like industrial market, automotive, and computing, thereby the possibilities are flexible and could be used in multiple fields.

Although we don’t have a lot to reveal at this moment, we’ll do a follow up once we get another update.

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