Google Assistant is one of the best virtual assistant applications out there. And now, there is one more reason for Indian fans to rejoice as Google Assistant now supports the Hindi language. In this article we will tell you all the details from how you can download Google Assistant Hindi and what are the secret commands for it!

Yes, Google Assistant will now respond to Hindi commands. Even though the Google Assistant could understand Hindi commands for some time now, it could not respond in Hindi.

Google Assistant Hindi

Now, however, Google Assistant Hindi support means that the application can respond in Hindi as well. The functionality for Google Assistant Hindi is limited as of now, but we surely can expect the list of Google Assistant Hindi commands to expand as time progresses.

Download Google Assistant Hindi

Google Assistant Hindi

Download the Google Assistant Hindi by using the download button provided below! Yes, it’s the same google assistant that you have for English, so if you already have it on your phone, skip ahead!

Google Assistant Hindi

Google Assistant Hindi


How to Activate Google Assistant Hindi Support?

Follow the steps below in order to activate Google Assistant Hindi support.

  1. Launch the Google Assistant app on your device.
  2. Click on the blue round icon featured on the top right corner of the Google Assistant window.
  3. From the window that appears, click on the “three dots” icon in the top right corner.
  4. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on “Settings”.
  5. Under “Devices”, click on the phone/tablet you are using.
  6. Scroll down on the page that appears and then click on the “Assistant Language” option under “Voice and Speech”.
  7. Click on “Go to Language Preferences” option on the popup that appears.
  8. From the list of languages that appear, click on “Hindi”.

Now all the options and menus will change to Hindi as you have changed the language.

Top 10 Google Assistant Hindi Commands

Google Assistant Hindi

Below are the top 10 Google Assistant Hindi Commands you didn’t know.

  1. India ki PM kaun hai? The Google Assistant and the Google voice search is, in fact, used the most to know in detail about famous personalities and other general queries. Now, you can ask the same queries in Hindi like “Hindi Medium Movie Ki Hero Kaun Hai?”, “India Ki President Kaun Hai?” etc.
  2. Mumbai Pahunchne Me Kitna Samay Lagega? You can also ask the Google Assistant queries regarding your travel in Hindi. Apart from using the above command to ask for the ETA to your destination, you can also ask Google Assistant to pick up directions for you by giving the command “Delhi se Dehradun tak ki Duri Dikhao”.
  3. Paas Mein Konsi Petrol Bunk HainNow you ask Google Assistant for suggestions near your location in Hindi. You can ask to find the nearest restaurants, petrol bunks, movie theatres and historical places in Hindi using Google Assistant.
  4. Sambhar Kaise Banate Hain? You can also ask the Google Assistant about cooking recipes in Hindi. Simple commands like “Matar Paneer ki sabji kaise banate hain” or “Sambhar kaise banate hain” will provide you results from Google Search as well as YouTube on how to prepare the dish.
  5. Timer Lagao: You can give the command “Timer Lagao” to Google Assistant and the application will set a timer for your desired duration.  If you say “5 minute ka timer lagao”, the Google Assistant will set a timer for 5 minutes.
  6. Kal Baarish Hogi? Now you can ask for the weather forecast in Hindi using Google Assistant as well. Commands like “Kal Baarish Hogi” and “Baahar Ka Taapnam” will give you appropriate answers on the weather forecast and current outdoor temperature.
  7. Translate Hindi to any other language: Another advantage of having Hindi language support brings to the Google Assistant, is that you can now speak out Hindi words or sentences to the app and ask it to translate the spoken words/sentences to any language of your choice.For example, commands like “Aap Ka Naam Kya Hai in English” will give you an appropriate translation of the sentence in the English language.
  8. “Facebook App Kholo” You can now ask the Google Assistant in Hindi to open applications that are installed on your device. Even though not all applications can be opened through voice commands, the Assistant can launch most of the installed apps.
  9. Cricket Score Kya Hai? You can also ask for an update on latest sports events like, say, updates on the ongoing cricket matches or IPL matches, by giving Hindi commands to Google Assistant. The sports update is not restricted to cricket and you can ask for updates on any of your favorite sports.
  10. Gaana Bajaao: It is now also possible to ask the Google Assistant in Hindi to play songs or videos. However, to play songs or videos, you will have to provide the exact song or video title in order to begin the playback, else the Assistant will just pull Google Search results.

Final Words

Well, hope you are enjoying the Google Assistant in Hindi on  your devices. If you are using more Hindi commands than the Google Assistant Hindi commands listed here, then do share them as comments below to help other Google Assistant Hindi users.

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