google ai coming to google autoIt another attempt from Google to expand its AI assistant, Google is working on a tech that will help you control your home from the comfort of your car. Google’s AI assistant might be coming to Android Auto in the near future. This means that you’ll be capable of handling your home from your car itself.

If you’re an Android Auto user, you might not be able to digest the story at the first glance. Google explained that Android auto is going to become a lot smarter as compared to what it is in present. Some of the updates or features that Google is planning to include in Android auto include smart display devices and third-party speakers. It is sure that the Google assistant will be able to make its way to all cars which are capable, in the coming future. The list of the commands that you’ll be able to use, might not change. But, as from a report from the verge, you’ll be able to choose your favorite music streaming service, and also the ability to control devices connected remotely.

In the past, it was only a simple google voice search, now, there would be a Google Assistant. You’d be able to control your home lights and change your music preferences with ease ( as mentioned above ).

It clearly stats that Google is putting more emphasis on included actions and commands to make them easier to use. The company also was eager to preview how it can reserve a parking spot for you or order from Starbucks directly with your Google assistant. There is no doubt that most of the people would be doing the same things with Google assistant like responding to text messages, asking directions and much more.

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