Outstandingly, earlier today Instagram announced a much more enthralling yet a crazy update, which lets you involve someone who is watching your live stream just by adding them from an icon (two simley face) on the bottom. It’s quite simple, you just have to get live as you do normally , and then add your friend who is watching you live. Things get a pretty congested when you this , as the screen gets divided into two parts as if you are video calling. You can also use the Instagram filters while you and your friends are broadcasting live.

You should be expecting something just like this if you are trying out the new feature



The one who adds friends, gets all the power to end or remove friends whenever he/she wants. Although, the added once too can leave if it’s no fun. And once everything is done , the you get to store the live video or upload in on story as usual.

So if you are a band who plays music and want to show case your talents to the community of Instagram ; then just add your band members and play your music from anywhere around the world. So next time you go live , don’t forget to check out this new feature.

Happy Surfing!


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