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OnePlus 5T has been recently launched globally with some upgraded specifications as compared to OnePlus 5 like Bigger 18:9 display, improved camera and much more in the pocket but if you remind, OnePlus 5T came with a bunch of exciting features such as the Face Unlock that is really quick to unlock your smartphone within 0.5 seconds and it is more likely to come in OnePlus 5  as well along with Oreo’s Update.So here we at TheDroidWay will show you how you can get the OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock On Any Android Device.


  • Android 7.0 or higher
  • No Root access


  • The new auto-unlocking functionality is currently a beta feature in the AutoInput app, you first need to join the Google+ Community for AutoApps.  After joining the G+ Community, head to the link make sure you’re signed in to the same Google account you use on your Android device, then tap on the Become a Tester button.

  • Next step is to download latest AutoInput Beta from the PlayStore, You might have to wait for sometime after joining the beta program before a new update of AutoInput is available on play store to download.You will not see Auto Dismiss Keyguard option if you have not latest beta.

  • Open AutoInput App and grant all required permissions, you may get full version or start free trial right away that will give you full functionality for 7 days.

  • Tap on Not Enabled, then you will be headed towards Accessibility options for android system, Turn On accessibility for AutoImput, now you will observe some green text beneath the Enabled text.

  • Enable Auto Dismiss Keyguard.

Set a Trusted Face in Smart Lock

Open settings of your android smartphone, head over to settings then there will be a smart unlock option under security settings, from there tap on the trusted face and set it at different angles and lighting situations.


Just Like the OnePlus 5T, you have to wake your phone to unlock it, unlike regular face unlock the option that is already available in some Android devices where you had to swipe up lock screen after successful face recognition, but now you will be directed towards home screen directly.

Before leaving one important thing that the dismiss keyguard feature works with any of the Smart Lock options, not just Trusted Face.Simply, your phone will automatically unlock when using a trusted location or trusted device as well.

This method will not work on Miui because there is no option of a smart lock.


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