GBWhatsapp is the most popular dual whatsapp app for android. It features advanced modification to original whatsapp app without any risk or harm. Gbwhatsapp is lot similar to original whatsapp except it adds up features which you would only dream.

GBWhatsapp is better alternative to many other similar whatsapp mods like Whatsapp Plus, OGWhatsapp etc. If you like such modified apps, then you should check out GBInstagram too


App Name GBWhatsapp APK
Last Updated January 10th, 2019
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 10,000,000+
App Size 34.8 MB
Developer GBMods Co
Features Dual Whatsapp, themes and much more

Download GBWhatsapp 6.70 apk

  Download GBWhatsapp 6.70

Download GBWhatsapp 6.25 apk

   Download GBWhatsapp 6.25

Download GBWhatsapp 6.10 apk

   Download GBWhatsapp 6.10

Download GBWhatsapp 6.00 apk

   Download GBWhatsapp 

Download GBWhatsapp 5.90 apk

The GB Whatsapp 5.90 is the latest version of the app and is the most stable version of the app till now. This version has bug fixes, which was present in the previous version of the GB Whatsapp. The GB Whatsapp 5.90 is the most stable version among its other older versions. As it is a modified version of the original software, therefore it faced copyright issues and hence you won’t find this version on the Google play store but do not worry you don’t have to search from the heap of sites present on the web to download this software as we are providing you the download link below.

   Download GBWhatsapp 5.90

   Download GBWhatsapp 5.80

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