Galaxy S8’s screen is randomly turning on for some people

samsung-galaxy-s8-010Samsung’s flagship smartphone doesn’t seem to be immune from the issues. Recently, Samsung users found that their smartphone is turning on inadvertently. The problem popups up after users flip off their display. The issue is consistent regardless the smartphone is allowed to fall asleep on its own or turned off by the ability button. The display remains active for somewhat around 10 seconds and then turns off properly.

The issue is consistent and is reported to occur multiple times during the day, which, without any doubt, results in excessive battery drain. The customers who have faced this problem have tried a lot of things, including rebooting their smartphone in protected mode, reset, and wipe their cache partition, but all of this went down the drain since the problem persisted.

It should be mentioned that the display turning on isn’t a very common problem. But this doesn’t ignore the fact that a lot of users were affected. Also, put on notice that a lot of folks who reported the problem didn’t bother enough to report it.

The concerning part is, that there is no evident reason why the display is waking up on its own. A lot of users have guessed that the issue is from the charger. Despite all the theories and feedbacks, there seems to be no conclusion on why is this happening.

It seems like the problem has impacted the Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy S8 devices with one user who came out telling that his Galaxy device was additionally affected. Samsung hasn’t yet issued any official remark on the problem. It has been noticed that those who face this problem also have some issues with the charging of their smartphone. Samsung came out saying that it will be dealing with this issue by exchanging units on “case by case” foundation.

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