Now you can easily use Best free torrent apps to download from torrent sites using Android.

Torrent is a platform where it gives you access to download large files easily from the internet. The torrent is a well known file extension which contains text that act as instructions for the trackers. To download a file, torrent takes you to trackers website and downloads the file in the form of torrent file. The file size is usually 30 KB it which is a peer to peer connection. But now after downloading torrent file you need a torrent client to download your content for which you can use our listed best torrent downloader for android.

torrent downloader for android

Top Torrent Downloader for Android

If you are with your android device. Luckily there are many best android apps for torrent available to download torrent using Android, these apps works as client for downloading files. We have found out one of the best apps which will surely never make you problem in downloading your content from Android torrent sites. Let us take review of these apps and what different and extra ordinary features they provide which will surely among them will help you to select the best app.

Table of contents:

  • uTorrent
  • BitTorrent
  • Flud
  • aTorrent
  • Frostwire
  • Vuze
  • ZetaTorrent
  • Torrnado

1) µTorrent

Price: Free / $3.99 pro version

µTorrent is one the oldest torrent client which users prefers it the best torrent downloading client as it is one of the most popular among all other torrent apps. It downloads your files quickly and efficiently you just need to download torrents and magnet links. There is no speed limit and also no size limit for downloading file. You can save your data with wifi only mode it provides you direct access to BitTorrent Bundles. You can choose your file download location. µTorrent also has pro version which provides extra features like battery saving mode,etc. We highly recommend µTorrent as it’s one of the best.

How it works

phone-mutorrutorrent android downloaderfree torrent app utorrent android


2) BitTorrent

  Price: Free / $2.99

Besides µTorrent there is one more competitor of it that is BitTorrent Android App. BitTorrent is also one of the best torrent downloading software. It is one of the best android app available in the market. BitTorrent is simple, clean and beautiful in design. Search for any torrent file and you can directly download file on your device. Easy access to your media with integrated music and video libraries. You can play multi – song torrents as a playlist. You can subscribe to RSS feeds. Like µTorrent it also has only WiFi-mode feature.

Pro-version provides an ads-free experience and with battery saving mode so it’s okay to download the free version.

How it works

bit torrent android downloader                            bit torrent app


3) Flud

     Price: Free / $1.50

Flud android app is one of the most famous BitTorrent client like µTorrent for Android. The flud is simple and clean designed app which makes users to download files easily. It comes with no speed limit for downloading or uploading, it supports magnet link too Flud also has wifi-only mode feature. Fluc comes with RSS feed support. Here you can move files from one storage to another at the time of downloading so it makes easy if you run out of storage. While it supports magnet link so here after downloading torrent file there is no need of adding it. It will automatically add and starts downloading.

In free version it covers almost all the features in the paid version it only removes the advertisements. Probably this app is best in these days and we recommend Flud after µTorrent.

flud android app for torrent

4)  aTorrent

Price: Free / $2.99

aTorrent is a native P2P BitTorrent software for Android devices. It has many similarities like µTorrent such as add torrent from file, wifi-mode only, choose download folder, etc. Like Flud it also supports magnet links. aTorrent has a feature called multiple parallel downloading. The different feature it contains is it pauses the download when your Android device is draining from low battery so when you provide any external power then afterwards it will start downloading your files. It supports large file but for SD-Card it has limit of 4 GB max and for internal storage it is unlimited. The paid version only removes ad there’s no extra feature.

5) FrostWire

    Price: Free

FrostWire is not only torrent but also best YouTube downloader and also it supports SoundCloud to download music files. Like other apps the common features it includes are magnetic links or torrent files and also able to select storage location, fast and easy downloads. The extra-ordinary feature provided here is you can download video or audio content from YouTube and SoundCloud also it supports media library and media player too that’s the best part of this app.




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6) Vuze

Price: Free / $3.99

Vuze is a well known torrent client. Vuze is simple and attractive in design. It supports magnet link, media playback, Access to plug-in library for customization options,Controls torrent download/upload speed, Wi-Fi only mode, task completion alert, it auto-starts on device reboot, etc.

Now you will have a question in mind why Vuze’s pro version costly? as this is because the features Vuze providing in paid version is excellent the features are built-in antivirus protection, no ads, play media while downloading, battery saving feature, etc so these are cool features provided in paid version.


7) zetaTorrent

   Price: Free / $2.99

zetaTorrent is one of the unique torrent app as it provides built-in browser where you can save your favourites, you can watch visited history, ads blocker, it recognizes torrent files and magnet links automatically,etc also it covers other common features which are in above app reviews. zetaTorrent supports external SD-card. It save .torrent fil. Download / upload bandwidth and connection limit. Also it has RSS feed feature.

The pro version many new interesting features like in browser you will get web authentication feature. In torrent zeta provides to watch incoming folder, you can download automatically when a new torrent file is added, Proxy, IP Filter. In RSS feed auto download where new feed will automatically gets downloaded, etc. So here if you buy pro version you will enjoy it.


8) Torrnado

  Price: Free / $2.90

Torrnado comes with some different features. The best part of this app is it’s eye-catching layout but here this app doesn’t download any torrent files on it’s own. It allows you to remotely connect to your computer. So here you can just monitor your torrent file pause,delete,start, etc. You can handle multiple accounts also you can view and edit torrent details, like file peers,etc. You can optimized long torrent lists. But this is not recommended that much as above apps are far better than this. And the paid version only just removes ads.


So, finally after searching the best app now you can review these apps and you might find it out the best one as free torrent app to download from various torrent sites like kickass android site and we are sure that these apps will fulfill your requirements. We highly recommend you to first take review of all the apps and then download it. The pro versions are not worth ones except zetaTorrent.



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