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We all remember the time when the Galaxy Note 7 devices had started catching fire, and Samsung instantly started becoming the target of meme pages. Last  year the company had gone through a lot of humiliation and criticism, but they took all that in a positive way to return with a great device with great features that includes a great battery life too. They were  a lot cautious on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Galaxy S8 comes with a decent battery power of 3000 mAh.

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But, even after offering  of great functions like fast and wireless charging, one may feel that he needs more battery backup. So if you think your device has some battery life issues, then keep reading the post to recognise and troubleshoot the issues.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Life issues easily

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes equipped with Android 7.0 Nougat, which has got some essential battery saving  modes. There are also certain settings, features, etc you can tweak to end up having more battery life than usual.

1) Check Battery Draining Apps

OK this may sound a little weird to you, but let me clear that such small and regular things are actually ignored by people. So, what you have to do is, go and check your running apps to see if there’s any app which is causing too much battery drain. Certain apps can get affected by some or the other issue/bug and start abnormal functioning leading to too much battery drainage.

Well, you can go to the Battery section in your settings and there you will find that it’s your Android system consuming the most battery. But, if there’s some app which is on top of Android system also consuming more battery, then there’s something fishy in that app, and you should immediately uninstall it. You can install it again after resolving your issue.

2) Turn off the Always-On Display

Okay, we know this is a great feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 which let’s one easily check date, time, notifications and other things easily without the need to turn on-screen each and every time. The function doesn’t cause much battery drainage y but it still affects the battery life and thus to turn it off, you can head to Settings tab, and then go to Display. Under display, you will find the option to disable the Always-On display.

3) Reboot your Device

This is one of the simplest and fastest solution to not only battery draining problem but also various other common issues of the devices. The reason behind too much battery drainage can be due to some settings, or  app and to stop that we can try to reboot the device. If it still doesn’t fix, then keep reading to know more.

4) Turn off Wifi, Internet Connection, Bluetooth and GPS

We know that these things don’t make major change. But hey, every small drop counts for the sea, right? When all these things are functioning at the same time, then it leads to battery drain. You can easily stop the feature you don’t need at the moment by disabling it from the top notification bar.

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5) Get rid of various Samsung Extra features

Samsung offers some extra software features to make its devices unique and stand out from the crowd. Examples of such features can be the motion and gesture functions that includes Smart Capture, Direct Call, Easy mute, etc. These features come in handy but you can disable some which you don’t use much and can go the traditional way. To disable the functions, just follow the following sequence : Settings > Advanced Features > From here, select the features which you want to disable.

6) Turn off Auto Brightness

The display plays a great factor in battery consumption. So, if you have set auto brightness in your device then you should disable it to stop too much battery draining of Samsung Galaxy S8. To do so, follow the below steps –

  • Head to “Settings” 
  • Choose the option “Display” 
  • From there, click the toggle button next to brightness to disable the option.

7) Always set the screen timeout low

Screen timeout plays a very great role when it comes to battery drainage. On default, Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with 15 seconds of screen timeout, which normally one tends to change and make it to 1 minute or more. Well, here’s the tip : To save your battery, let the screen timeout settings be as it is or set it to 30 seconds and not more than that. You can handle all these functions from the settings tab.

8) Try out Airplane mode

If you are in a less network area, or not using your phone and not cared about any incoming calls, then you can set your phone on Airplane Mode which will disable the data, radio, etc. This will help your battery perform better and last you longer.

9) Keep your apps updated

The apps which you use on daily basis may be having some issues which may be leading to battery life problems. Thus, it’s recommended to always keep your daily used apps up to date as developers keep working to fix such issues and releasing new versions of their app on Play Store.

10) Try out sleep mode for apps

So there’s an app which you don’t want to run in the background and cause battery consumption. If that’s the case, then all you have to do is just hold on the icon of the app and wait till a menu appears. From there, select Sleep . This will make that specific app to stop functioning in the background and at the same time it will stop the push notifications of it. You can  check the updates of the app, by manually opening it.

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11) Use battery saver

Last, but not the least : Use the inbuilt battery saver. You can directly head to Settings and then Battery option. From there, you can find different power saving modes like Mid mode, Max mode, etc. You can configure and choose according to your need.

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That brings us to the end of the post about battery saving tips on Samsung Galaxy S8. We hope that now you won’t be experiencing any more battery life issues. If the post helped you solve your problem, then share it with your friends on your social media handles. Also, don’t forget to let us know any other ways to fix your battery issues in the comments section below.


  1. Thank God! I have no battery issues on my Galaxy. I use my S8 all the day and still have 50% battery left when I go to sleep at night.

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