Are you unable to charge your Samsung Galaxy phone? Don’t worry, You are not alone. charging issues is very common amongst Samsung users. Surprisingly, Galaxy s7 is no different. As advanced is Samsung galaxy s7 is, it still suffers from an age-old problem of not charging. If you are struggling with the same problem ( of course you are, that’s why you are here duh!) I will show you exactly how you can fix Samsung Galaxy S7 that’s not charging without taking a hole in your pocket and save your precious time. Meanwhile you should check our best apps for samsung galaxy s8.

fix samsung s7 not charging

How to fix Samsung galaxy s7 not charging issue

Here are some of the easiest way solve your charging problems.

1) Restarting.

This is the first method I would want you to try before trying other more complicated methods. This is the simplest and oldest method and still works like a charm most of the times.

2) Using original Samsung charger and cable.

Always use original charger and cable for charging your android device. Using duplicate charger and cable might cause more harm than good. Never use cheap chargers instead buy an original charger and cable cord from trusted places preferable from official Samsung store.

3) Check whether your cable or charger is damaged.

Often times the problem lies within the charger, not the device.

Cable cord is exposed and vulnerable. It is very easy for cable to get damaged. Just as easy as pulling your charger roughly or very quickly can damage your USB cable. Make sure that cable cord and charger are in good condition.

There are a number of ways you can protect your USB cable from getting damaged.

Here is an easy quick way to prevent cable damage which you can implement at home withing few minutes.

4) Try using other chargers.

Often times, the damage in USB cable or charger is not visible. What you can do is, charge you Samsung device using another charger.

If you don’t happen to have another working charger, you can borrow it from your neighbors or friends.

If your device starts charging and working properly then the problem surely lies within the charger. All you have to do is buy a new one and you’re good to go.

5) Change your wall socket

Do you have a habitat of charging your device in just one socket? The one closest to your bedroom, right? You drove to the conclusion that your Android device is unable to charge? right? what if I told you there can be some problems in your wall socket which causing your charger to not obtain to power to charge your Android device.

Just plug in your charger in another wall socket at your home and see if it charges. If it does, then you have to call an electrician and ask him to examine the wall socket. If it does not charge, you can move to other methods.

6) Broken USB port

Sometimes the problem lies in hardware and not software. A quick look is all you need to determine if the port is damaged or not. A damaged USB port might have trouble connecting to the cable which should be a clear indicator of damaged port. The USB port can be damaged for various reasons.

The most common ones are as follows: –

  • Removing USB cable roughly without any care.
  • Any external force can cause damage to the port.
  • Removing USB cable without pressing safety lock button on sides of the cable.

To avoid this problem, all you need to do is take extra care while plugging and removing your cable into the port.

The good thing is, if your problem is a damaged USB port, it’s very easy to repair or replace the port. Almost any phone repair shop is capable of repairing USB ports. But it’s still preferable to go to official Samsung store instead of any other repair shop.

Not only it is very cheap to repair it but also requires no time and can be replaced almost instantly.

7) Clean the USB port.

USB ports sometimes accumulate dust which causes a problem while charging. Take a close look at your USB port and see if it is covered in dust. If yes, then remove mobile cover and back cover and blow air in the USB port. This should clear all the dust and leave it neat as a button.

You can do this every once in 15-20 days depends on the climate and the area you live in.

Plug in the charger and see if the device is charging, if not move on to other methods.

8) Battery Replacement

Sometimes battery of a device gets damaged which causes charging issues in the devices. To find if your battery is damaged just open your device and check if it’s the way it was when you first saw it when you bought the device or some sort of liquid is coming out. If yes, you got a bad news. If you are somewhat confused then going to local phone repair shop get your battery checked.

Here are some ways you can use to avoid battery damage of your device.

  •  Avoid using your phone in extreme climate. Such as keeping your phone in sun in hot temperature can cause serious damage to the battery. Try to keep it in cool and normal temperature.
  • Never charge your phone all night. Although very convenient, it’s still a bad idea to charge all night and use all day because it may cause slight battery damage. The best practice is to charge throughout the day in small intervals. It keeps the battery healthy and increases battery lifespan to the maximum.

How to solve this issue?

It’s easy as and simple as ABC, just go to nearest official Samsung store and ask for a battery replacement. If your device is in warranty you will get the battery replacement for absolutely free.

9) Samsung Galaxy s7 not charging after getting soaked in water.

If your device got wet and not charging. You need to immediately switch off your phone and take it too repair shop.


Other Samsung Galaxy S7 charging issues

Samsung Galaxy S7 is charging very slowly

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with fast-charging feature so obviously if it charges slowly, you won’t like it. If your Samsung s7 is charging normally unlike fast charging and the fast charging feature is enabled then you need to fix it.

Try Turning off the screen. Sometimes if the phone is heating up, it doesn’t allow fast charging.

Also if you have tons of apps running in the background, you should close them.

Samsung Galaxy S7 drains its battery instead of charging

This is more annoying issue than normal charging. Common reason is your device is utilizing batter faster than charging. Common reason is the same–tons of apps running.

So, if you have this problem, you may boot in safe mode or turn your phone off while charging.

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