The LG Google Nexus 5X is causing hella troubles.Either they don’t boot into Android or get stuck in an infinite bootloop sequence.Google itself stated that it is a hardware issue (something about an badly soldered stack on the motherboard).

Fix Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, Nexus 5X Bootloop issue

Moreover, it has been advised to either get it repaired or exchange for another handset.While that might sound like a music to the ears of someone with a valid warranty on their device, you other guys are stuck with a dumb-doll-dud of a phone.

Is there a way to fix it, at least temporarily just so you can rescue the important files?

Yes, there is one way that uses the ‘UNBLOD’ tool.


Do not proceed any further unless you have the above mentioned files at hand.

Also, make sure that you successfully installed all of the downloaded files, including the LG USB and ADB/FASTBOOT drivers.

In the downloaded and extracted Bullhead ZIP file, you will see a boot.img file. Copy and paste it on the Desktop to find it easily.

Do the same for UNBLOD Zip download, move the Unblod.exe file to the desktop for easy accessibility.

Note: If you are cannot honestly boot into Android, then it’s best to drain the battery.Thereafter, put your phone inside a sandwich bag, then inside a plastic lunch box with a lid, and finally put it all inside the freezer of your refrigerator.Take it out of the freezer in a couple of hours then connect it to a charger. You would see condensation around the screen, don’t panic, this was expected, wasn’t it? Sounds unusual? Not quite, this is a very normal procedure for unruly devices like the one you have in your hands.

Steps to take after the battery has sufficiently charged

  • Try to boot the device normally by pressing the power button.
  • When it boots, enable Developer Options from the Settings.
  • Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking, if you haven’t done that ever before.

How to flash stock image to Nexus 5X using unblod tool

  • Turn off your phone and put it in the fastboot mode.
  • Connect the device to a Windows PC using the USB cable.
  • Open the folder where ADB drivers are installed.
  • Press and hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard and right-click the mouse to select Open Command Window here option.Fix Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, unblod tool
  • In the command window, type:
adb devices */this will display your device’s model number/*

Fix Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, unblod tool

fastboot oem unlock */this will unlock the bootloader/*

Fix Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, unblod tool

  • Go back to the device and using Volume Up/Down keys to unlock the bootloader.Fix Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, unblod tool
  • The device will reboot itself after running some scripts.
  • Now, disconnect the device from USB and restart in Fastboot mode.
  • Open the Unblod tool by click on the Unblod.exe file on your desktop.
  • Tap on Load when the tool opens and select boot.img file.
  • Then check Auto-flash after build box.Fix Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, Nexus 5X Bootloop issue, unblod tool
  • Connect the device in fastboot mode to the computer using USB cable once again.
  • Finally, tap Run. Wait until the status on the Unblod tool is Idle.

After this point, the device will reboot and the Nexus 5X bootloop issue will have been resolved.

Things to do after you fix Nexus 5X bootloop issue


The above listed method works very well for all Nexus 5X devices.

Pay attention to the details listed above and try not to brick your device in the process.

As a good rule of thumb, only flash stock images that you get from Google to avoid future problems.

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