Errors are usually caused by some system bugs which may be due to some malfunctions or some system apps performing the way they are not supposed to be and we often end up seeing such messages which sometimes kills our task we are performing or maybe shuts down the whole phone

So we decided to help you fix this problem by researching about this particular error which is the mostly widely faced, especially in the Android versiosn Marshamallow and Lollipop.

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Below listed are the few methods to help you fix the ““Unfortunately the Process Has Stopped” error:

1) Clear Cache and App Data

To solve the error you are facing repeatedly, you will need to Clear Cache and App Data of a few applications. To do so, first look below how to access setting of an application

Settings  >> Apps / App Manager >>  Select Application From The List 

Here are the applications you should clear cache and clear app data :

  • Phone
  • SIM Toolkit 
  • Google Service Framework
  • Contacts 

Once you are finished doing so, reboot your phone and you shall be not seeing that error ever again. If you do, follow 2nd Method below

2) Disable Automatic Updates

Sounds silly, but can save yourself from getting those error messages and crashing up your phone while you are doing something important. Follow the flow chart, to disable automatic updates.

Play Store >> Settings >> Auto Update Apps 

After doing so, don’t forget to reboot your phone. This method may work for a few and not for others. Don’t Worry, read below and keep trying other methods

3) Wipe Cache Partition

Another method by which you can stop receiving “Unfortunately the Process Has Stopped” error.  Cache Partition is where temporary memory is stored and is generally used for accessing apps quickly. Sometimes it gets full and outdated resulting in errors and lags. Heres how you can clear the Wipe Partition Cache

  1. Turn Off Your Phone
  2. Combine Power Key + Vol Key + Home Button (If you have one) until the phone vibrates.
  3. You will be having a screen as such 
  4. You can navigate with your Volume Keys and Select Wipe Cache Partition 
  5. After finishing the delete process, reboot your phone

4) Factory Reset

The last thing I would suggest to get rid of this error is to Factory Reset your phone. It may seem like the first option to a few, but I suggest you try it at last as your data will be at risk. Talking about the procedure, here’s how you should approach how to factory reset your data.

There are two ways you can do it

  1. Setting Method
  2. Android Recovery Method

1) Setting Method 

Settings >> Back And Reset >> Factory Data Reset 

2) Android Recovery Mode 

  1. Switch Off Your Phone
  2. Hold Down, Power Button + Volume Key + Home Button (if you have one) and wait for the phone to vibrate once.
  3. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset

 5) Flash Custom ROM

One more way to solve the error “Unfortunately the Process Has Stopped”, you can flash your custom ROM and download another ROM from online. For doing so you will have to root your phone. Here’s the link to our Rooting section, where you can get resources to root your phone which will certainly fix your error.

The Outro!

Ending up with hopes of solving your error with one of the methods mentioned above. Well, if you ask me, I would try the last two, after doing each and every other method mentioned as there’s a risk of losing your data or crashing your phone. Stay Tuned! Happy Surfing!

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