fitbit sanoWearable device manufacturer Fitbit confirmed its investment in Sano, another startup that focuses on glucose monitoring. The company invested $6 million as it fits in company’s plans. However, they haven’t yet clarified whether their future device will include glucose monitoring. This was the company’s first investment, and a large chunk of funds went into the glucose monitoring startup.

According to the report from CNBC, Sano was founded back in 2011 and is working on a minimal patch which is capable of tracking blood sugar levels. The device measures and resembles the size of a coin. But it is still not sure that whether it would be available for public or require approval from FDA.

Sano isn’t the only company working towards making glucose monitoring a reality. Verily, a child company of alphabet is also working on this tech, whereas Apple is also reported to working on a similar patch that doesn’t use any needles. If compared, Sano’s patches do use needles. But in their defense, Ashwin Pushpala, CEO of Sano, said that their option its less painful than current alternatives.

A while back in November, the Fitbit OS wasn’t performing up to the mark. There were only a bunch of applications available at the launch. However, things are changing now. Even though Sano’s tech might not be available for more than a year, the CEO said that it is intended for people who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The patch will also help prediabetic who wish to monitor their glucose level fluctuation through the day.

Fitbit CEO, James Park, came out with a statement saying ” This fits into our strategy of looking beyond the device and thinking more about (health) solutions. I think the complete solution comes in the form of having some monitoring solution that is coupled with a display, and a wearable that can give you the interventions at the right moment. ”

The CEO didn’t clarify whether future Fitbit products will have blood sugar monitoring feature. But we shouldn’t ignore that company also partnered with Dexcom, to incorporate glucose monitoring into an ionic smartwatch.

Fitbit although has lost a ton of users in the wearable industry with companies like Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi taking the lead in recent years. Thereby, it is safe to say that having this technology might have a significant difference in the company.


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