It seems like OnePlus is highly obsessed with the security of their users. Despite a fingerprint scanner being present, the company decided to play around with the Face Unlock Feature. Depending on how your taste is, you may or may not like it. For me, it’s not something that excites me. But, I know people love to have Face Unlock feature.


Last week, Carl Pei, co-founder of the company revealed that Face Unlock would be implemented into Oneplus 5 Software. The company left no stones unturned to deliver the promise that it made as the feature is being rolled out to OnePlus five units which’ve been enrolled in the open beta program.

It works much like how it does on OnePlus 5T; you need to tap the power button to access the lock screen. The phone will skip the lock screen and immediately unlock as soon as it recognizes your face. Because the feature uses the front camera, there is a chance that you can get to use it as well.

If you’re an android fanboy and would like to test the Face Unlock feature on your device, you’ll have to enroll in the OxygenOS Open beta. The update package is available to download from the OnePlus Downloads page, once it’s available you can install it manually on your smartphone on the official site itself.

As mentioned above, the feature used the combination of front-facing camera and specialized software to identify your face with over 100 identifiers thereby letting you unlock without using a code. Apart from this feature, the third open beta also has a shortcut for recorder app on the launcher. There are some other features and optimizations for vibrations, connection issues, and bug fixing.

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