The Microsoft 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL exam is a well-known certification test that is designed to evaluate one’s competence in performing technical tasks using the SQL Server technology.

The main tested areas of this Microsoft certification exam are as follows:

 Program databases using Transact-SQL (25-35%): It helps analyze the candidate’s ability to create database programmability using Transact-SQL, implement transactions, handle errors and data types.
 Query data with leading Transact-SQL components (30-35%): It evaluates the individual’s ability to query data using subqueries, APPLY, table expressions, as well as query temporal data.
 Control data with Transact-SQL (40-45%): Itmeasures the student’s competence in creating Transact-SQL SELECT queries, using joins in queries against multiple tables, function implementations, data modification, and aggregation.

The 70-761 exam is intended for a system developer, or an engineer, and an SQL Server database administrator. The applicantshould have at least 2 years of experience and be able to showtheknowledge and abilities in the formulation of queries.


7Effective Options to Prepare for Microsoft 70-761

This certification exam tests the entry-level concepts and you need to build a solid foundation before you proceed to Microsoft 70-762. Your preparation methods should enable you to pass the testand retain the knowledge and skills for professional use. Find up-to-date study materials at Exam-labs. Here are tips you can use to pass Microsoft 70-761:

1. Create a study plan

A study plan is very important because it helps you allocate time to every section of the exam. Studying without a blueprint could be very confusing because you might end up overlooking certain important things. Our minds are not designed to withstand a lot of pressure. You therefore need to find a balance between study and rest for your mind to work in your favor during the test. The topics of the exam that you find to be difficult should get more time compared to the easy ones. This will enable you to focus on understanding the difficult and important topics of the 70-761 certification test.

2. Take a training course

Take a training course and complete it because you cannot pass the exam without finishing it. Sign up for a training course so that you can have a hands-on learning experience. Learning is the first stage of preparing for any certification test. There are some concepts that you cannot possibly learn by yourself. You need the guidance that only an instructor can provide you with. Ensure that you finish the training course so that you do not miss out on anything important and end up having a hard time when you take the exam. Enroll in a credible institution.

3. Focus on your technical skills

Your technical skills will not only get you through the exam but also help you solve real work problems. You should practice in labs to build up your hands-on experience. The purpose of the 70-761 test is to validate your skills and you should ensure that your skills are on point before you take the exam. Watch videos and use tutorials available at to reinforce your skills and keep practicing up to the day of the test. Your skill set is your currency and you should keep getting better every day so that you never become obsolete in the workplace.

4. Use flashcards

The best way to study is with the help of flashcards. With this preparation tool, you will be able to note down the major points of a particular topic so that you have less information to go through when studying. This will enable you to enjoy your study time because your mind will be active. You will therefore quickly go through the concepts and keep reminding yourself about them every chance you get because you can carry the flashcards anywhere you go.

5. Take advantage of practice tests

Practice tests are the best way to prepare for the 70-761 exam. But you should be sure that you are capable of answering the exam questions by taking the practice tests. Use Exam-labs to get credible practice questions.With each practice test that you take, you come closer to understanding the place you stand. You know the areas that you have mastered and the areas that require you to put in more effort. Another website you can use for practice testsis PrepAway. You will get access to a broad range of course materials, sample papers and references to help you evaluate the direction you need to take as you head to the certification exam.

6. Visit the Microsoft Virtual Academy

The Microsoft Virtual Academy has many resources that are relevant to the exam. You should use it to reinforce your preparation and study efforts. You can get video training resources to help you master the topics contained in the 70-761 certification test. The mind is most likely capable of retaining visual information compared to the information you read. Watching the video presentation will help you better understand how to navigate the exam questions. There are also various articles that are very helpful in giving you an insight into the test. These videos are very comprehensive because they are divided into different sections to help you understand the SQL Server technology. All the resources in the academy are designed to help you pass your exam.

7. Join a study forum

There are so many online communities that you can join that have like-minded people who want to achieve success in the exam. In these forums, you will get study resources and tips on how to pass the test from people who are already certified. You can ask questions and get your concerns addressed. This is also a great place to get the emotional support you need as you prepare for the exam because there are people going through the same process. You can join a Microsoft study forum.


We believe that all these preparation options will help you pass the 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL exam and lead you to the relevant Microsoft certification. Don’t forget to visit the Exam-labs website to make you preparation process simpler and more effective.

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