Andy Rubin, the founder of our beloved operating system Android, recently also established a company making smartphones which he named Essential. In today’s tutorial, we will see how you lucky ones who have the essential phone PH-1 can root your work of art and make it even more functional and awesome.

essential phone

Before we begin, take note that Unlocking bootloader and rooting your device voids the warranty and can brick the devices, put the device in a state of bootloop or cause other erratic problems and will result in loss of data.You have been warned! We recommend you to take a backup of the device before you proceed further.


  • Essential Phone PH-1 Running Oreo (Make sure it is running Android 8!)
  • Developer options enabled on the device
  • A windows computer (MacOS may work too but who are we kidding here no hardcore android user will use a Mac)
  • ADB & fastboot drivers installed on your computer
  • A minimum of 50% Charge on the device (We don’t want to kill the device now, do we?)
  • Magisk Manager (Download) (Move this to the root folder of your device memory)
  • TWRP for the device (Download, select the corresponding image to your build number) (Move this to the ADB folder and rename as “recovery.img”)

With the perquisites out of the way, let us start with the tutorial. Oh and if you don’t know how to unlock developer options here’s a small guide. If you do please skip to the next step.

To Enable Developer options

  • Go to Settings
  • About phone
  • Tap the build number a few times ( 7 is the magic number)

Before we can root the device you will need to unlock the bootloader on the device which can be done by following these steps

To Unlock Bootloader

  1. Enable “Enable OEM to unlock” and “USB Debugging” from the developer options and connect the phone to the PC.
  2. Open a command window/terminal (In any folder hold shift and right click then select open command window or open PowerShell window)
  3. Open your Command Prompt or Terminal and key in
    “adb devices” (Without the quotation marks)
  4. The connected device should now show up in the list if it doesn’t that means you probably messed up somewhere, recollect your thoughts and rectify your mistake.
  5. Once connected, enter fastboot mode by typing
    “adb reboot bootloader” (Without quotes, everything should be entered without quotes unless specified)
  6. Once the phone has booted up in fastboot mode, in the CMD window type
    “fastboot OEM unlock”
  7. When the process is completed key in this to reboot the device
    “fastboot reboot”
  8. If you did everything successfully the phone will boot to the initial set up stage
  9. Skip everything and go to developer options to re-enable USB debugging

To Install TWRP

  1. Plug the phone back to the pc and from the command prompt type
    “adb reboot bootloader” (Without quotes)
  2. Key in this command to flash TWRP
    “fastboot flash recovery.img”
  3. TWRP will be flashed to your device once the process is completed.
  4. Unplug the device.

To Root the Device

  1. Enter the recovery mode by holding power button + Volume Down (-) button
  2. Using the volume buttons to navigate and power button to select enter TWRP
  3. In TWRP select install and browse your device for Magisk Manager you downloaded and moved to device storage.
  4. Click install and swipe to flash it.
  5. Once it is successfully installed reboot the device and check the Magisk app on your device.
  6. If the app appears in your app drawer then you have successfully rooted your essential phone PH-1. (If it doesn’t contemplate your life decisions and go revise your mistakes)

We hope this guide lets you successfully unlock the bootloader, install a custom recovery and root your essential phone PH-1 and if you find yourself perplexed and stuck at any step don’t hesitate to reach out or comment below and we will try our level best to help you.

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