Last year, Xiaomi released their mid-range phone Redmi 3s Prime. Going through a quick overview the phone consisted of a 3 Gig RAM and 32 Gig ROM with 8 megapixel on the back and 5 front cameras. The phone has an additional feature which is a fingerprint sensor on the back panel, playing an important role for Security.

But the fingerprint sensor just didn’t enough to do impress MI users, and people expected more from it. One of the things people expected is ” How To Enable Fingerprint Selfie on Redmi 3S Prime particularly.

  • The Short And Simple Method (Dactyl Applications)

In this method, we tell you to download a trusted application to help you take your fingerprint sensor to a new level. Dactyl Application gives you around 10 days for free trial to check whether your smartphone is compatible, once that is done you will have to buy the pro version.

   Download Dactyl

Once you finish installing the application, you will be asked to grant permission and accessibility for the application to use your camera. Once you are done with it, you can now click pictures when you place your finger on the sensor.

Note: Downloading this application will let you allow take pictures with the fingerprint on their third-party application and not your default camera.

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The Outro!

A simple way to enable fingerprint selfie on your Redmi 3S isn’t it? Well, there’s another method too, which includes rooting your cellphone. The reason to not mention it down here is the risk to crash your phone, and I wouldn’t want users to crash their phones accidentally just to enable fingerprint selfies. Therefore, I figured out an easy trick for you. Stay Tuned For More!

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