Android has a much bigger market share than iOS, that’s a fact! By the end of this post, you will know exactly why I made this assertion. This open source platform offers possibilities that iOS can never lend to its most interested fan-base. One such famed platform that I would be discussing in this post is ‘WhatsApp’.

dual whatsapp

Although WhatsApp is not highly used in North America, it is, however, described as the ‘life & soul’ of millions in South America and Central to South Asian countries. These geographical regions are also where Chinese phones (all of which use Android as their favourite OS) ship out with ‘Dual SIM card’ capability.

Oh, no! I am not talking about some low-end piece of crap cell phone, but renowned smartphone manufacturers like  Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, etc., offer their wide-ranging customer-base the possibility to use two SIM cards instead of one.

With two active phone numbers on a single Android device, wouldn’t you want to use dual WhatsApp accounts?

Obviously, your first reaction would be to tap that ‘Google Play Store’ app and right away download, install & activate WhatsApp, but here’s the catch! You cannot install an active application more than once on the same device. So, having two SIM cards would mean nothing if you cannot even download WhatsApp the normal way on your other number.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you will have found an effective solution to this problem.

How to install Dual Whatsapp in Android Smartphone

Here are 3 working ways to successfully install & use dual WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone.

Method 1: WhatsApp Plus APK 2018 V6.10 (Latest)

WhatsApp Plus APKWhatsApp Plus offered by claims to be better than WhatsApp itself. It comes with a host of features that are not offered in the namesake application but it is stable and free to use.

WhatsApp Plus APK Features:

  • Video calling
  • Longer status messages
  • Hide notifications
  • Send even larger audio and video sizes than WhatsApp
  • Send e-books
  • Set password for individual chats and to WhatsApp Plus itself

Other distinct privacy features loved by users enables them to hide:

  • Last seen – your contacts won’t be able to view when did you last access the account.
  • Online status – like Skype, you can remain completely invisible or offline while still use WhatsApp Plus normally.
  • Blue ticks – hide blue tick marks that notifies others that you’ve read their message in individual and group conversations.
  • Second tick – mask second tick mark after sending a message for all contacts and group messages.
  • Writing tick – conceal writing tick mark while typing in a new message.
  • Recording status – hide the status of your voice recording while recording a message.
  • Blue Microphone – hide blue microphone option for all your contacts while you open and use voice functionality.
  • View status – put a blanket on your view status so your contacts don’t see the view status.

WhatsApp Plus media and file sharing capability:

Increase the size of audio files, pictures, videos and ebooks up to five times over with WhatsApp Plus.

  • Documents- send any file type PDF, TXT, DOCX, APK, EXE up to 50MB in size.
  • Camera- send away high quality photos and record longer videos to share with your contacts.
  • Gallery- use the gallery to send 720 or 1080 pixels photos and videos to your contacts, each up to 50MB in length.
  • Audio- send audio files or share music from the player or file manager up to 50MB each.
  • Location sharing- share your location with a single-click.
  • Send to many- easily select multiple contacts to share your files and multiply the fun.
Here’s how you can download and install WhatsApp Plus without losing any of your chats.
  1. Download WhatsApp Plus APK V6.10 on your Android smartphone or a Windows PC and then flash it onto your device.
  2. Ensure that your device is rooted since WhatsApp Plus requires SuperUser permissions in order to proceed. If your device isn’t rooted yet, learn how to root your device here.
  3. Once your device is all set, make a backup of your conversations in the original WhatsApp application. Access WhatsApp-tap SettingsChatsBackup.
  4. Wait for a while until your chats are properly backed up. This process depends on the speed of your internet connection and the RAM speed of your device.
  5. Once everything is backed up, proceed to uninstall. Hit SettingsAll AppsWhatsAppUninstall. Alternatively, you can do long-press on the WhatsApp icon and drag it to ‘Uninstall’.
  6. If you are downloading WhatsApp Plus APK from your phone, then you will find it sitting under SettingsSecurityUnknown Sources.
  7. Open the downloaded file, i.e., WhatsApp Plus. Now click ‘Agree & Continue’ and allow all permissions.
  8. Now, enter the secondary mobile number for which you need this WhatsApp account and enter the verification code that’s delivered to your second phone number.
  9. Post verification, set your account name, status, add profile photo and commence using your second WhatsApp account.
  10. Download and install the original WhatsApp that you had to delete before. Use the primary phone number on the original WhatsApp.

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Method 2: GBWhatsApp APK

dual WhatsApp accountsGBWhatsApp operates the same way as WhatsApp Plus. In fact, it is offered by the same provider.

GBWhatsApp APK has the exact same host of features and privacy settings offered by WhatsApp Plus, but with a minor difference. You do not need to root your Android device prior to using this application either.

With GBWhatsApp, you can use dual WhatsApp accounts on the same Android device.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Download GBWhatsApp APK into your Android smartphone, or flash it via PC.
  2. Backup your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus chats by accessing SettingsChatsBackup.
  3. Create a new folder in the file manager and name it ‘GBWhatsApp’. This is where you will download GBWhatsApp APK file.
  4. Access the Android Settings- Security- Unknown Sources.
  5. Install the downloaded file and open it.
  6. Click ‘Agree & Continue’ to the terms and conditions presented to you and give all permissions.
  7. Use the secondary mobile number with GBWhatsApp account and use the primary number with original WhatsApp application or WhatsApp Plus.
  8. Wait for verification to arrive by SMS onto the second number and later, fill out your profile info and enjoy using GBWhatsApp.

Method 3: Parallel Space

Parallel Space apkIt should give a great sense of relief (*big sigh*) that Parallel Space is easily available on Google Play Store. You can download this application to create ‘app clones’ and run dual WhatsApp accounts

Not all applications can be cloned, however, there’s a list of such applications mentioned on the Parallel Space app.

Here’s how you go about running dual WhatsApp accounts on your Android device using Parallel Space application.

  1. Download Parallel Space from Google Play Store, then open the app by clicking on it.
  2. There’s no need to back up any data on the original WhatsApp. Just open Parallel Space and click on the ‘Add App’ icon. Thereafter, select WhatsApp from the list.
  3. Now, register your secondary phone number with the clone that you just created inside the Parallel Space application.
  4. Once verified, you can begin using the cloned WhatsApp account right away.

Note: You can only use the clone WhatsApp account through Parallel Space.


Didn’t I tell you that you would find the perfect solution to your problem? Do share your thoughts and experiences with using these three methods in the comments.

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