TutuApp is the number one alternative to Cydia, providing jailbreakers with an alternative way of downloading third-party content and a few Cydia tweaks, without having to install Cydia. It has gone on to become one of the most-used alternatives to the iOS app store and even has support for Android devices. Now you can use it on your Mac or Windows PC, and we’re going to show you how.

tutuapp pc

How to Install TutuApp on Mac or PC:

The only way you can do this is to install an Android emulator on your PC (we use Bluestacks or Nox) and then install the TutuApp APK file. It is simple enough, here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the Android emulator onto your computer
  2. Download the TutuApp APK file and extract the contents
  3. Launch your emulator and sign in ( a free Google account is required)
  4. Search for TutuApp in the emulator and click the result to install
  5. Alternatively, find the .apk file on your computer, right-click and choose Open With (the name of your emulator)
  6. Once TutuApp is installed, you can access it via the emulator home screen

TutuApp For PC Features

TutuApp offers desktop users plenty of cool features:

  • Works on Mac and Windows Vista and above
  • Download iOS and Android apps and games
  • Free to download and use
  • All the apps and games are free
  • Download games, apps, emulators, and more straight to your Mac or Windows PC
  • Google Translate required for in-app options (a Chinese language app)

Why Download TutuApp on OC?

Why not? Using TutuApp on your desktop computer allows you to take advantage of all the resources your computer has to offer. Not only do you get to use a much bigger screen, but you can also use the bigger and faster processor your desktop has, and the extra RAM, which means you can play games on your PC that you possibly can’t on your mobile device. And TutuApp uses very little in the way of computer resources too.

TutuApp Errors

While TutuApp is one of the most stable app installers we have, there are some common issues that arise. All of them are simple to fix, and these are the ones you are most likely to face:

White or Blank Screen

This is a common issue and is easy to resolve:

  1. Launch your iOS settings app and tap on Safari
  2. Tap on Clear Website data
  3. The screen should be clear now

TutuApp System Error

If you see an error message that says TutuApp Invalid Argument Supplied, you can fix it using these steps:

  1. Remove TutuApp from your computer
  2. Reinstall it using your Android emulator
  3. Turn your computer off and reboot
  4. Open the emulator and launch TutuApp
  5. Look in the Settings for TutuApp and see if there is an update
  6. If there is, install it

The error shouldn’t appear now

Cannot Download TutuApp

Are you already running a previous version on your computer? That is the most likely reason for this error and can be fixed like this:

  1. Delete all versions of TutuApp from your PC or Mac
  2. Reboot your computer and go back to the steps from earlier
  3. Re-install TutuApp, and you should find it works perfectly OK now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we provide the answer to the most commonly asked questions about TutuApp installer:

Is TutuApp Safe to Use?

Yes, it is. Before being released to the public, TutuApp was thoroughly tested, not just by the developers but by beta testers too. They monitor the app constantly and, as soon as any issues are reported or identified, they release an update to fix it. However, TutuApp will only remain safe to use if you only download it from the official download link, and you install all the updates on the developers’ release. You should also have good anti-virus software on your Mac or PC, just to cover your own back. And do be aware that there are a few tweaks in TutuApp that may change how your device performs.

What Is The Difference Between TutuApp and TutuApp VIP?

TutuApp is free to download and use and, because of what it offers, this is generally more than enough for all users. However, should you want more content, no ads, faster download speeds, and no limits on what you download, you can opt to pay a small premium (currently $6.99) to upgrade to the VIP version.

TutuApp is one of the best third-party app installers ever released, and using it on your PC or Mac computer makes perfect sense. Not only do you get to benefit from all the resources your desktop offers, but you also get the option of an alternative app store, one that is completely free to use. Try it today and let the developers know what you think of TutuApp.

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