There are tons of articles featuring best apps to download mp3top 10 android music downloader for android and many more but none of them actually helped me to download songs, specially movie songs. Thus its bitter truth that there is no specific solution in Android App store to download mp3 songs in android free but there are another ways to download music in android using music downloader for android as it is not restrictive compared to iOS . Also Youtube downloader for android is best option to download music as youtube contains almost every music available on internet.

music downloader for android

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

Below are the top free apps to download free music using music downloader for Android .

There are lot of options but for free premium music downloads you will find very less options in Google Play Store though there are some music downloader for android apps which are not hosted in Google play store rather stored in their respective websites but I would recommend directly going to some free music downloading sites or simply using youtube to mp3 downloader for android.

Instube youtube downloader for android1) Instube Youtube Downloader

Price: Free



Instube is the best music downloader for android with intuitive interface and material design. It is easy, very fast and secure to use to download music in android. It not only supports Youtube but also supports dozens of other platforms including – Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Vine, Tune, Vevo, Toad, Skymovies, Vuclip, Vid, Funnyordie, Dailymotion, Dailytube, Mthai, Pagalworld, Pnguda, Liveleak, Metacafe or AOL, to name a few.

It also comes with a locker which secures and protects your personal music files and videos. With the help of Instube Downloader, it became very easy to download music from youtube in android. Do check it out!

instube for android




2) TubeMate – MP3 Downloader

Price: Free



Tubemate is by far most popular video and music downloader for android app to download free youtube videos as well as music converted from youtube video. You might be knowing that every music is mostly uploaded in youtube thus there is no need of any music downloading apps or site if you can simply get mp3 from youtube videos. Tubemate app provides various formats and various resolutions for videos and also audio. Among other features are background downloading, fast downloading and download resume. And most important is it’s free to use.

If you are using PC, then download free tubemate for PC

How to Use Tubemate

  1. Installation is simple. It is not available in Play store thus you can download from below link and click to install.
  2. On top is the search bar where just type your song name and press enter to search
  3. Click on the video and a menu will popup showing various formats and size. Select anyone and it will download it for you.

tube to mp3 music downloader

3) Tube to MP3 – Android App

Price: Free



Tube to MP3 is a simple music downloader android app to convert youtube to mp3 and download that mp3 to your mobile. It is similar to Tubemate if you are just concerned about MP3 downloads

How to Use Tube to MP3

Its simple – Just install from the below link

Use search function to search youtube video and click the Download as Mp3 button to start downloading.


videoder youtube downloader4) Videoder

Price: Free

This is a new android app for youtube downloads and music downloads and thus works same way as above two youtube music apps.


  • Unlimited Music and Video Downloading
  • No annoying Ads
  • Free App
  • Different resolutions and formats
  • Multiple downloading
  • Attractive Interface
  • In-built browser
  • Support for other video sharing websites

music maniac music downloader for android

5) Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader for android (FREE)

This app is high rated Music Downloader app for android which provides free music and songs to download legally. There is in-app search bar which helps to search music and download instantly.

This app doesn’t give any premium songs to download for free thus if you are looking to download movie songs then only top two apps will provide that.


download music

6) Simple MP3 Downloader for Android (FREE)

mp3 downloader for androidAs the name suggest, this is a very easy to use song downloader app that allows searching for music by genres, artists or albums. Find you favourite songs and download them in mp3 format.

Using the “search” tab user can look for a song or album. Another great thing is auto-completion feature that suggests various artist or songs of possible interest as user start to type their query.


download music

7) Google Play Music (FREE)

Google Play music is an official Google music app which offers free music streaming and free radio stations though ad supported. You can also create your own library which is hosted in google servers for free with 50k songs limit. Thus you have your music library wherever you login using your google Id. Google play music comes with vast collection of music with support in various coutries thus you will never miss latest popular tracks.

download music

8) Free Mp3 Downloads (FREE)

Free mp3 downloads is a very simple music downloader app for android that lets the user grab mp3 songs licenced as “free to use”. It’s simple to use as it has two tabs – 1) Download tab and 2) Listen Tab

  • In download tab, you can search music and click to download them into your device.
  • In Listen tab, you can directly listen your downloaded music though as it is downloaded in your device, you cam also use your music player to listen to that music.

All songs are directly downloaded to a folder named “music-freeMp3Downloads” which is most probably found in you SD Card folder though some devices which do not support SD cards and comes with in-built memory can found this folder directly in the file manager.

Note: music is provided by “”. All songs, available through this application, are intended only for your personal non-commercial use.

download music

Here is the end of our list of best songs download app android. If you are looking for free non commercial music to download then you can easily you any app mentioned above but in case you want to download premium songs for free like movie songs or music albums then you can only use top 3 music apps which are actually youtube music downloader because there is no single app which can give you the premium illegal songs to download.

Bonus App

9) FrostWire – Torrent Downloader

FrostWire Basic is a re-imagined free Torrent Client / MP3 Music and Video Downloader / which offers fast downloading from torrent sites for free and very easily.

What’s special about this app? The built-in torrent search bar

Yes! Now you can easily search different torrent sites through this app for free musics and videos and download directly without the hassle of magnet link or utorrent or anything else.

You can also download HD movies which is great feature similar to utorrent.
It has a built-in music player and a media browser, so you can download, easily access and play your files in the same app.

As you might be aware that torrent sites are currently being disabled and banned thus this app may find it difficult to provide you with the desired results. It’s better to try though.

Here is a quick list of other alternatives though not reviewed but you can give it a try too:

  • Supercloud Song Mp3 Downloader
  • Wynk Music
  • Tunee Music Downloader
  • Soundcloud
  • Gaana
  • iTube Music

You can check other torrent downloader for android

Thanks for following through. Enjoy and stay tuned!


  1. You didn’t mention tinytunes which is the best, whatlisten & Listenit there are 2 more that escape me at the moment( the 2 mentioned 1st download any kind of music.
    Just thought I’d let you know. Oh and frostwire stopped working a long time ago.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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