Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus , being one of the most advanced and fantastic piece of tech offering some exceptional features for the users. Personally, one of the most handy and if customized , of course the best one. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus are one of the most trending and popular smartphone in the market. Being equipped with Latest version Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, it is placed among the most powerful devices giving fierce competition to iOS devices too.

Download & Install Stock Firmwares for

There are many astonishing features in this smartphone but one of the most helpful and unique with Samsung is the easy availability of stock firmwares. There are many situations where you may need stock firmwares and where Samsung’s devices along with Google’s own android flagships leads the market.

When you try to root your samsung galaxy s8, there is a risk of bricking your device too. That time, if you have Samsung’s stock firmware then with the help of ODIN tool for samsung, you can easily reset your samsung device back to original version.

But if you are having trouble finding stock firmwares for samsung galaxy s8 and installing stock firmware on your samsung s8 device, then this is the right place to be. Before we begin there are few sets of prerequisite you would need this for this tutorial.



  • Download and Install Samsung Galaxy USB Driver
  • Download and Install Odin 3
  • Download Samsung stock firmware from below links
  • And just make sure that your battery level is more than 70 %


1) Download the firmware for Samsung Galaxy S8 (According to build number in settings)

2) Download the firmware for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (According to build number in settings)


How to Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

  1. Go to your mobile settings and make sure if you have Developer Options , if not don’t worry we still got you ; Go the settings >> About Device >> Software Info >> Tap for a few times repeatedly on Build Number , as if you were playing Flappy Bird.
  2. Once you get that done , Go to Developer Options and enable USB Debugging and OEM Enabling .
  3. Now its time to get your phone into Download Mode:
    • Power Off
    • Hold Bixby Button + Volume Up Button + Power Button until you see Warning Screen
    • Hit Volume Down , when you see the Warning Screen.
    • Welcome to Download Mode
  4. Meanwhile, open the Odin 3 tool on your Desktop.
  5. Now connect your Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus to the desktop via a USB cable
  6. Once you connect it, you will find ID : COM port turning blue in colour which is a good sign, suggesting that your device has been successfully detected .
  7. Then after you will have to click AP option and browse your firmware (.md5 or .tar)
  8. Next thing , you will have to do is to go to Options on your left to uncheck Auto-Rebot box .
  9. So you are almost done, click on the Start and wait for the Installation process to get over.
  10. Disconnect the USB cable , once done and you are good to go.


I hope you achieved what you came in looking for , everything is a bit complex until someone brings it down for you and that’s why we are here to help you out . So stay tuned, and stay attached to the community. We Got You!!


  1. Great site, thank you. I have been bequeathed a Samsung S8 which is most probably network locked. It has been flashed with a custom ROM and I need to flash with stock ROM. I want to change carrier – will the flashing unlock the phone? If not will I need to install stock firmware for the original carrier (Telstra I think) – unlock – and then install firmware for preferred carrier?
    Hope this makes sense.

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