After the Facebook fiasco Instagram which coincidentally is also owned by Facebook has started gaining a lot of popularity (As if it wasn’t popular enough). Long form videos used to be the “In-thing” back in the day which lead to the meteoric rise of Youtube but as people’s attention span is getting smaller and smaller with every passing day (Come on people! a goldfish has a better attention span than humans now, Buck up!) with more and more people shifting to short form video content.

Due to this, Instagram is getting more and more creators on the platform and most of them are really good at what they do, but what if you want to download the videos they upload to share to your circle of friends? Well today we will take a look at how to download Instagram videos on Android, so lets get started.


  • An Android Device with Instagram Installed (If you are here, something tells me you already have it)
  • A speedy Internet connection (A slow one works just as well but who likes to wait, right?)
  • The willingness to try stuff!

How To Download Instagram Videos

How To Download Instagram Videos using a 3rd party Website

  1. Open Instagram and Navigate to the video you wish to download.
  2. At the top right hand corner of the post you will see 3 dots, tap on them.
  3. A menu shall open up, tap on “Copy Share URL”
  4. Now go to this website
  5. Paste the URL and hit the arrow besides it
  6. The video will be processed and a download button will be visible, just tap on it and download will begin.
  7. Your video has now been downloaded.

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How To Download Instagram Videos with Xposed

  1. Open Xposed
  2. Go to download and search for “Instagram Downloader”
  3. Download the latest version.
  4. Go to modules and enable it
  5. Restart the device to activate the module successfully
  6. In instagram you will now see an option to download the videos either near the video or when taping the 3 dots on the top right.

How To Download Instagram Videos using Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App

  1. Go to Play Store and Download Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App
  2. Install the App and then Open Instagram
  3. Find the Video you want to download in Instagram
  4. Tap the right hand top corner that has the 3 dots and Copy Share URL
  5. Now go to the Video Downloader App on your device and Paste the URL in the box
  6. It will process the video and once done you will see a small Pink button at the bottom, tap that and hit save video to download the video
  7. That’s it the video would have now been saved to you gallery.

How To Download Instagram Videos using a Mod App

  1. You can Download a Modded Instagram APK which gives you access to a host of features you don’t get on the regular Instagram app. You can download videos or images, see DP’s in full Size etc.
  2. Download OGInsta+
       Download OGInsta+
  3. Download GBInstagram+
       Download GBInstagram+
  4. Open the App and log in
  5. Follow the tutorial to learn the features
  6. Use to download and do whatever it allows you to do.

How To Download Instagram Videos

So this was our guide on how you can download videos from Instagram, if you face any problems or have any suggestion do let us know below in the comments.

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