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Are you looking to Download Gbwhatsapp apk for android? Then you came at right place. Find the download link for gbwhatsapp below.

If you are an Android user then you might have used all the popular apps found in the Play store for at least once. Among those popular apps the one that might be installed, still in your SmartPhone, is the Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a great way to communicate with the people you love and that they are far away from your place. If you have a mobile number, you can easily signup to Whatsapp and can chat, voice call, video call or can send Media files to someone. Apart from these, you can share pictures or videos to your entire contact list too. Whatsapp is a very good way of communication but there are restrictions in Whatsapp as well. Let’s check the restriction people usually face while in Whatsapp.

Restrictions people face in Whatsapp

  • During a media transfer, we cannot send a file which is greater than 15 MB.
  • There is a limitation in selecting people for the broadcast message as you can only send broadcast messages to few people.
  • You cannot copy status of others in Whatsapp.
  • There are also other limitations in word characters in various situations.
  • You may not be able to open two accounts in the same mobile with original Whatsapp.

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These restrictions are the reason people want an app which works like WhatsApp only but only without or limited restrictions. There are many mods of WhatsApp version in the internet but GB WhatsApp 6.70 is the best and most stable mod present till date.

Download GB Whatsapp 6.70 apk Latest Version

The GBWhatsapp 6.70 apk is the modified version of the present option which has been made comfortable according to the needs of people. A lot of restrictions present in the original version of the Whatsapp is not there in the GB Whatsapp 6.70. The mod version of the app is useful in numerous ways like you can have two accounts in the same mobile and you won’t have ban issues from the developers of original Whatsapp. You can hide your online status, blue ticks, double ticks and even typing status with this version. With some mod version, you can send blank messages even. The status limitation has been really a big issue for those people who wanted to express their thoughts without thinking of word limitation but with GB Whatsapp you can write up to 250 characters at a time. Another cool feature that you will not find in the original version of the Whatsapp and will find in this mod version of GBWhatsapp is that there is no limitation in number, while you are sending images and the limitation of sending video has been uplifted to 50 MB. Here are some of the cool features you will find in the GB Whatsapp 6.70 version which will tempt you to download gbwhatsapp app for your android.

  • The limitations have been lifted up in this version like you can send videos with size up to 100 MB.
  • You can set the group name with a maximum character of 35, which was not present before.
  • You can hide your status or make it visible accordingly
  • You can hide your typing status, last seen, double ticks or blue ticks.
  • You can broadcast your message to more than 500 people present in your contact.
  • The original version of Whatsapp supports only 140 characters while GBWhatsapp supports up to 250 characters.
  • You can change the theme easily and can communicate with others in more than 100 languages.
  • You can stay online throughout the day even if you are not using the app.
  • You can use this version of GBWhatsapp along with the original version of Whatsapp without any issues.
  • This version of GBwhatsapp eradicates the limitation of sending 10 images at a click as you can send up to 100 images with this version of Whatsapp.
  • You can lock your app without using any third party software as it is pre built with GB Whatsapp 6.70.
  • The notification icon or application icon can be customised accordingly.

Details about the GBwhatsapp official android app version

App Name GBWhatsapp APK
Last Updated January 10th, 2019
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 10,000,000+
App Size 34.8 MB
Developer GBMods Co
Features Dual Whatsapp, themes and much more


GBWhatsapp  Changelog

[ Added ] Now You can Add Stickers From PlayStore to any Package
[ Added ] New Fonts
[ Added ] New Launcher Icons
[ Added ] Option to Disable click on Header for Hidden Chats (Mod 6.21)
[ Added ] Now You can Sort Messages Sent By (Newest/Oldest)
[ Added ] Confirmation Dialog when Call in Group Chat
[ Increased ] Pin Chats from 25 to 30
[ Fixed ] Force Close when Select more than 2 contacts in Auto Reply/Message Scheduler
[ Fixed ] Change App Language in Android Oreo and Pie
[ Fixed ] Showing View Messages sent By when Click on More Contacts in Group Profile

Download GBWhatsapp 6.70 apk

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How to install official gbwhatsapp apk and use it?

The installation of the software is very simple as like other apk installation. The installation procedure and setup of the GB Whatsapp 6.70 app may take a little longer to install and get ready but then it’s worth the time. Follow the steps to download and make your app ready to use.

  • Download gbwhatsapp apk file from the link given above and save it to your phone memory. Since this app is only 35 MB hence it won’t take much of your phone memory.
  • After downloading the GBWhatsapp apk, it’s time for some permission from the device administrator or manager to install the app on your device. To enable installation of third party apps on your mobile you need to enable acceptance of applications from the third party in the settings menu. To do this go to settings> security> select Unknown sources.Enable unknown source
  • After you have allowed your device to install apps from the third party, now you can install the application. To install the application you need to go to downloads folder of the phone memory. Generally, a browser in your phone has a default downloads folder which you can find in file manager but if you have changed the download path and has set a custom path then you can always find it by checking the download path in the browser setting. Once you have the download path go there and find the GB Whatsapp app and click on it to get it installed on your device. The installation procedure can be a bit lengthy so have a patience while the installation of the app is getting done. Once the installation is complete you can open the app. The immediate screen that will appear after opening will be like this one.gbwhatsapp apk
  • After this you will find two options, one of which is “restore” and another is “agree and continue”. The “Restore” button is used when you have used the app already and has the backup. The “agree and continue” button is for the new users and will be used to register you in GB Whatsapp. Since you are a new user, you will click on the “Agree and continue button”.
  • After this, you need to enter your mobile number for which space will be provided in the immediate next screen. After entering your mobile number and selecting your country click on the green arrow button to proceed further.

  • From this point onwards you will receive the exciting features of GBWhatsapp. After entering your mobile number and selecting the country, you will find an option to copy all the data from your original Whatsapp and merge into GB Whatsapp. To do this click on the button, this says, “Copy Whatsapp Data”. You may find it on the lower side of the page. After that you can verify your number.
  • Then all you have to do is, follow the general procedures that appear on the screen like otp update for verification.
  • To use its special features like hiding status you can go to the settings menu, which you will find it on the upper right corner and will be marked by the three dots.


The original version of Whatsapp is quite secure and is simple to use but that version of the app has lots and lots of restriction which will not be removed due to our safety. The GBWhatsapp latest version of the software is for those who wanted to try the Whatsapp software with some extra added features. Many of you might have wanted these features in the original version of Whatsapp and this is why developer GB MODS has developed this version of the app.

It is still not known if there are any lagging problems in the version or not. The GBWhatsapp does not consume much battery or cache memory and this is the reason GB Whatsapp does not make your phone slow. Furthermore, the GB Whatsapp is not yet been developed for the iPhone and iPad users yet as this version of the app is only for android users and that too, if you have an android with version 4.0 or later. Overall GBWhatsapp android app is quite good and is very similar to the original version of Whatsapp.

You should download Gbwhatsapp for android and try it!


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