Here we will learn to download camscanner for pc with the help of an android emulator and install camscanner on windows laptop or desktop.

Nowadays, the smartphone became more than an essential tool for every walk of life, including documents. You can simply use it to send someone far away important files by just taking a picture with the smartphone camera or capture snapshots. The problem with it is that sometimes the quality is not as good as you need. It could be because the camera is not properly focussed or due to ambiance restrictions.

As much as the camera quality is needed, nothing replaces a scanner as an alternative. That is why a scanner is the best solution. The image comes out in high definition which is used to scan receipts, bills, books, contracts, sheets, or any other document. In addition, the technology of scanner has become portable to use anytime and anywhere by just using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. One of these incredible and efficient tools is the CamScanner for pc.

camscanner for pc

A useful program that everybody must have that can make your life more practical is the CamScanner. If you work from home, or have a private business or you are a student who deals constantly with papers and need something to scan fast, with sharpness and organization, then Camscanner like software for pc is very ideal. Among other features, the app was introduced on Android platform and since then, it has increasingly become popular in more than 195 countries. It was ranked as one of the best by millions of users from around the world.

You sure do not want to miss the opportunity of having this innovative and creative app on your PC. You must be wondering “on PC?”, but that’s right! Now, you can totally use Camscanner for laptop which can even work offline. That is because the app does not depend on internet connection to function but only good camera quality. So, you will have potent scans of all your files with high contrast which make your document quite legible.

That is thanks to the Auto-Enhancing option that improves and makes the image details further evident to the human eye. The app will convert them into PDF and it allows the users to capture, crop and edit it. Do not miss all the advantages that the tech world has to offer and start using CamScanner for PC right now. A noteworthy feature of the app is that it recognizes immediately through the optical reader which allows you to extract text from images. It takes your experience of scanning to a newer level.

Unfortunately, CamScanner for windows is not available for Windows 8.1/10/8/7/XP/Vista or Mac but do not worry! There is always a solution called Android Emulator which makes everything possible by providing flexibility to all users and by emulating android apps for pc. The emulator works as a go-between. It makes everything easier to download and install CamScanner for Laptop or Windows Computer.

This application helps you to scan any documents like books, important files and it will convert them into PDF. CamScanner also lets you to capture, crop, edit and finally convert into PDF.

It is the world’s most used document scanning & sharing app with over a hundred million installs. It has secured a top position among the 50 best apps. It can also help you to scan documents, store, sync that you can collaborate on various contents.

Through this app you can easily scan and share anytime anywhere to your customers or family & friends. By using optical character recognition feature you can extract text from images. Before proceeding to the installation process, let us see the key features of CamScanner for computer, so that one can know what they are going to experience in the app.

CamScanner for PC Features

  • Free Download.
  • Easy to use and very functional.
  • Works off-line.
  • Scan photographs, receipts, invoices, notes, pictures, books and more.
  • Auto file selection.
  • Provides excellent experience with more quality documents, texts, and graphics.
  • The Auto-enhancing & smart cropping features automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, and perspective of the image to provide more readability of text contents.
  • It keep list organized which allows the user to search & find files easily by titles.
  • Edit & extract texts from a magazine, book, newspaper & more, using an OCR function.
  • Easily share your PDF or JPEG files to other devices.
  • Use Bluetooth, email, Dropbox or any social media account to share your high quality PDF files with customers, friends or family

Download CamScanner for PC

This Android Emulator is a saviour! Hence, you should pick an Emulator of your preference on Google Play Store through your PC. Such a necessary tool which makes it possible for you to use CamScanner for PC because developers have not built such technology for computer with Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista or XP.

On the other hand, the emulator facilitates the communication and usage among programs and PC systems.

Today, we can find the lot of android emulator in the market, but I recommend you the best one. i.e Bluestacks App Player.

Installation of CamScanner for PC:

  • Download and install an emulator program from the official websites listed under:
  • We are using Bluestacks in this tutorial. After the download & installation on your PC, open the bluestacks softwarebluestacks allcast for pc
  • Now, click on the Search icon.
  • Next, search for the keyword CamScanner and click on it.
  • When the Install option pops up, press it. The installation process should only take a few seconds to a minute or depending on the system speed to conclude.
  • Lastly, after installation, Open the CamScanner app and start scanning your files without breaking a sweat!


The flexibility offered by the CamScanner for pc is what people find most impressive. It is so easy to install and understand, the application does not require any technical skills and quite efficient for even a novice to follow.

The ability to export a document to PDF and send it directly via email gives it even more credits. It is a solid reason why it became so popular and also camscanner for windows became popular.


This app will truly save a whole lot of your time! Also, imagine the possibilities it brings when you can save money on printing documents outside with camscanner free download apk for pc.

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