There are 1.4 billion active devices running android OS and most of them are secured by a Pin or Pattern. Sometimes people tend to be forgetful and are unable to remember their passwords and in those situations they need to take their device to a service station to get it reseted. Today we will tell you about the secrete tool which you can use to unlock your pin or pattern, so follow this guide to Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b and unlock a magnitude of features.

Android Multi Tools v1.02b helps you reset your lock if you have forgotten the Pin/ password or any gestures you use to unlock the device. This is a very helpful tool for people who want to unlock their device but don’t want to lose the data. We will in this post also give you the link to Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b so you can download it and keep it with you for that fateful day when you may need it.

Android Multi Tools v1.02b Features

  • Ability to check device status
  • Ability to Reset Password or Pin lock
  • Ability to reset face data / Gesture (Pattern) lock
  • Ability to Reset a forgotten Gmail ID
  • Ability to completely Wipe data from a device
  • Ability to reboot in a Single click
  • Ability to check status of the device in fastboot mode
  • Ability to Wipe data or cache in fastboot mode
  • Ability to exit fastboot mode in a single click
  • Ability to launch command prompt in a single click
  • Ability to check software and hardware information.

android multi tools v1.02b

How to use Android Multi Tools v1.02b

It is very easy to use Android Multi Tools v1.02b just follow these steps and you will be able to use the tool with ease.

Android Multi Tools v1.02b

  1. Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b
  2. Open the file and extract to to any location on your system (Preferably desktop)
  3. Once installed click on Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe to run the file
  4. A pop up will appear to ask permissions, grant all of them.
  5. The tool will open now and a GUI will be presented to you.
  6. You can Press 1 to check device status which tells you all the basic information about your device like device ID and IMEI etc
  7. You can Press 2 to Reset Password or Pin lock, this is the feature most of you are here for. When you hit 2 and follow the instructions you can deactivate and remove the password or pin on a device.
  8. When you press 3, you will be able to wipe face data or gesture lock if that is what was used to lock the device.
  9. Pressing 4 would allow you to reset the Google ID associated with the device
  10. A quick press of the 5 key will wipe all the data there is on the device and make it new.
  11. Pressing the 7 key will give you the status of the device when it is in fastboot mode, helpful when flashing TWRP and custom Roms

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b

You can download Android Multi Tools v1.02b from the button down below


We hope our guide here helped you download Android Multi Tools v1.02b, if you have any queries regarding the software do let us know below in the comments and we will help you out.

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For more questions, queries and other related comments on ROMs and Rooting for various devices, do hit us up in the comments down below!


  1. Hey team…does this work for all android devives…???…if it does, it’s going to make my life a whole lot easier…☺☺☺

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