How to install S9 apps on S8? You’re obviously asking that cause you’ve already heard of the S9 coming out, and then the rumors of it having better, upgraded, and different stock apps too must’ve reached you?

But probably you’re light on the pocket or just don’t wish to get the S9 yet, but still need the apps? If yes, this is exactly where you ought to be, because here we will be sharing how to install S9 apps on S8.

Download and Install Galaxy S9 stock Apps on Galaxy S8

Only recently was the S9 announced but hey technology and the Internet catches up fast! Samsung is known for bringing in new features or atleast better UI to its new flagship devices every year.

Although this time, Samsung didn’t limit itself to UI but also added in some apps and features which seem to bridge the gap between Samsung and Apple devices, the AR emoji and the positioning of the fingerprint scanner bear witness to the same.

Before taking the joyride on porting the S9 apps on S8, here’s a complete list of the apps available:

  • TouchWiz Home
  • Phone and Contacts
  • Smart Manager
  • Incall UI
  • Browser
  • Photo Editor
  • Calculator
  • Emoji
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Messaging
  • Edge Lightning
  • Task Edge
  • People Edge
  • S Finder
  • Gallery
  • Weather
  • Camera Stickers
  • Always ON Display
  • Audio

How to Download and Install Galaxy S9 stock Apps on Galaxy S8?

Now note that there are two ways to get this done, you can either flash the complete package containing all the Apps at once to your device, or in case you don’t need the whole thing, you can also download and install apps separately.

Worry not, we’ve got both routes covered!

Oh I almost forgot, Alexis XDA is the guy who ported these apps for us, a mention is the least we can do for the guy isn’t it?

Pre Requisites

So here are the things that you need to download before you can

So anyway, first of all you’ll need to download and install TWRP recovery


And then here’s the complete Zip file you need to download if you wish to flash all the apps to your device in a single go. Get it from the download link below

   Download Zip

Or, download the following apps individually:

Steps to Download and Install Galaxy S9 stock Apps on Galaxy S8/S8+

Step 1: Download either the individual apps, or the complete package, and move /copy them to your cell phone’s SD card. You can find both individual as well as the zip files above.

Step 2: Now you need to take your device into the TWRP recovery mode. To do that, first of all, shutdown/turnoff the device and then hold the Power UP + Volume Up + Bixby button simultaneously.

Step 3: Keep holding the buttons till you can see the Samsung logo on the screen, once it shows, let go of only the Power button but keep the other (Bixby + Volume up ) buttons pressed.

Step 4: Now you’ll get the TWERP recovery menu on your screen. It’s optional, but you should go to the “Backup” menu, and swipe it for a Nandroid Backup just in case.

Step 5: Anyway, regardless of you taking or not taking the backup, tap on “Install”.

Download and Install Galaxy S9 stock Apps on Galaxy S8

Step 6: Then navigate to where you copied the downloaded zip files for the apps and select it.

Download and Install Galaxy S9 stock Apps on Galaxy S8

Step 7: And finally, Swipe the screen to the right to confirm the installation of the zip files on your device.

Download and Install Galaxy S9 stock Apps on Galaxy S8

Once it’s completed, you should have the S9 apps on your S8!

Final Words on How to Download and Install Galaxy S9 stock Apps on Galaxy S8

Isn’t it cool that you can have the S9 apps even before those who pre-ordered the device? Yup it is, we know!

All thanks to Alexis, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to share this piece with your folks, would it? You’ll always be remembered as the person who taught them installing awesome futuristic apps on their devices? (A bit too much? Ehh!)

Anyway do let me know what you folks think of this piece, or if you’ve got any questions, feedback or suggestions feel free to use the comment box.

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