Google Assistant has been one of the most helpful inventions of Google. It was launched early this year in February 2017, in all Android Device. Google Assistant plays a role in two way virtual assistant and provides you with information about your interests by the help of a constant analysis running in the background.

You can access Google Assistant through your voice and also by the keyboard input. Google Assistant officially started rolling with their very own messaging application Allo and its voice activated speaker called Google-Home.You can read more about Google Assistant here!

Respecting all this that Google has brought us into our lives to make our living easy and better, there are often times when we wish that, it shouldn’t have been there. For Instance, Imagine the level of embarrassment when it fails to recognize your voice and you prefer rather typing through to keyboard and search it, especially if your first language is not English. Not just this, there are several moments when this assistant can be a pain.

So here is the trick to disable Google Assistant from your Android Device.

Step 1 : Go To Settings

Step 2 : Click On Apps

Step 3 : Click On Advanced Settings

Step 4 : Click On Assist and Voice Input

Step 5 : Click On Assist App

Step 6 : Choose None Instead Of Google App


And if in case if you want to turn on the Google Assistant, follow the same step except in the last step, Choose Google App

The Outro!

Well, quite a short and simple trick to help you not get hyped up due to some of the misbehavior of the Google Assistant. That’s how we figured out, but I know it’s not the only way. Android is an open source, and there would definitely be some other tricks and methods to disable Google Assistant. If you come across any, feel free to share in the comments. Stay Tuned! Happy Surfing!


  1. I was recently appalled to receive a message from google assist? saying it had noticed a bill in my emails. The message said I had only one day left to pay it. Now I had paid it two weeks earlier, but HOW DARE ANYTHING GO INTO MY EMAILS because they had to hack the message to know what day it was due, it was not in the subject line, AND TELL ME HOW I SHOULD HANDLE MY FINANCES!!! If this is the face of google, it is beyond ugly!!!!

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