Web-faced application development has always been an essential part of a successful tech company. In the last few years, There has been significant growth in Ruby on Rails development. It is one of the most popular programming languages in 2020.

It is one of the closest languages to human-like coding that resembles the English language. It was released in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto as a genuine object-oriented language. Today, top tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google use this language in one way or another.

If you own a tech company and do not have a Ror developer in your team, you are way behind times. A Ruby developer can help you scale your company by building new projects and software based on the most popular framework, Rails.

It is much easier to build great websites, mobile apps, software, and programs with the help of Ruby on Rails (RoR). Below are top reasons to hire ruby on rails developer for your tech team today.


One of the best things about Ruby on Rails development is that it allows developers to add multiple features without making them from scratch. It saves a lot of time and money for tech companies as they will need fewer resources to develop varied projects. RoR also eases the process of bug fixing, saving you a lot of capital and effort.


A skilled RoR developer will find it easy to build complicated projects because of the availability of a ready-to-use component that extends its functionality. Ruby is known as the language of flexibility because it allows the author to change various programming elements. It even allows the developer to remove or redefine a specific part of the language.

Minimize Development Time

As mentioned earlier, RoR development comes with ready to use components that help developers to build the project in less time as compared to other programming languages.

Building complex websites, mobile apps, software becomes more comfortable with RoR development because of modular design and leaner code base. You can invest this saved time in other important tasks of your company.

No Compromise On Quality

One of the most common misconceptions about RoR development is that it compromises the quality of built software because of quicker development.

The fact that Rails specifically focus on bug-free development is enough to bust these myths. A skilled RoR developer can build software or websites of supreme quality in no time without compromising the quality.

It Creates More Value

A skilled RoR developer in your team will add more value to your overall tech operations. You need not invest time and money in solving complex development problems.

RoR development has changed the face of web development as it eliminates the tedious tasks of coding, allowing companies to focus on features and logic of the project.

Convention Over Configuration

One of the essential reasons why tech companies are choosing RoR development is the wide range of libraries. It has given rise to a new software development pattern called convention over configuration.

It allows developers to eliminate the need to write the boilerplates. It helps developers to focus on the genuine part of the programming and skip the process of endless boilerplate coding everywhere.

More Straightforward Execution Of Business Logic

Due to its simplicity, RoR development makes it easier and faster to validate complex business logic. You can ask your developer to create an API, as it is a must for running the application smoothly. It is the sole reason why so many new startups are investing time and money on RoR development.

Perfect For MVP Quality

MVP( minimum viable product) is the best way to launch and market your app quickly and cost-effectively. RoR development is perfect for MVP quality because of its high speed and time-saving features. It has built-in tools that help in mainstream business activities.

Better E-Commerce Integration

Giant e-commerce companies are hiring more and more RoR developers as this programming language offers numerous benefits. Ruby on rails is low budget, and there is widespread use of its library. It helps in building better e-commerce websites as they demand the existence of all the tools inside a framework.

Easier to Create Mobile Apps

The key to building most apps using RoR development is restful architecture. It validates the creation of API with the help of rails technology.

There is no need for separate developers because of the open-source nature of the architecture. Major tech companies are using RoR development to build their apps in 2020.

Easy To Scale

You must take scalability into account while planning for the future goals of your website or apps. It merely means that your app must be capable of handling high traffic of visitors.

It is only possible if your framework is scalable. RoR development is perfect for scaling due to high-end features.

Open Source And Secure

People often believe that open sourced languages are not secure, but that is not the case with Ruby. It is one of the best advantages of using RoR development that fundamental security features were integrated into it from the very beginning.

It Is Still Reliable In 2020

RoR is an old language, and there are many new languages since its inception in 1995. Despite being an old programming language, it is still hard to beat it when it comes to solving some complex problems.

Community Support

One thing about developers that set them apart from other technical professionals is their community. They take immense pride in being a member of dedicated communities that help them identify and solve the existing problems in the language.

There is unbiased community support to RoR developers that help them master their skills. You can easily find web developers, android, and ios developer for hire in these communities.

Constantly Evolving

Every year, there are new updates in RoR that help tech companies in solving complex problems with ease. It is one of the few old languages that are still being used and continuously updated.


Hiring a skilled RoR developer will be the best decision you will ever make to expand your team. Because of its simplicity, many tech startups are totally relying on these RoR developers to build their software projects that users love to use.

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