So you saw our post with the best themes for the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus and want to try out your hand at making the themes yourself? Well, this post will help you do exactly that. Today, let’s take a look at how you can create your own themes for galaxy S9 and S9 plus and apply it on your device.

Making custom themes for Samsung Devices is quite easy and takes less than 5 minutes and it could turn out to be quite fun as well. Samsung started allowing users to theme their devices starting galaxy S6 but the theme engine back then wasn’t on par with the competition but since then Samsung has come a long way and now has a great theme engine which allows the users to not just change the basics but the overall look and feel of the device. So let’s take a look at how you can design your own custom themes for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

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Create Your Own Themes for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

  1. Download the App from the button below
       Download the App
  2. Once Installed Open the App and you will be greeted with a home screen with 3 basic Options
    1. Primary Colour
    2. Status Bar Colour
    3. Accent Colour
    Themes for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus
  3. Open the 1st option and select the colour you want as the supplement to your base, you can also input a hex code of the exact number you would like to use. Don’t forget to think of colour pairs or your theme would end up looking like a mismatch.
    Themes for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus
  4. Similarly, choose the other two colour options as well.
  5. Once done, in the top right corner you will see a colour pallet. Click on the pallet and select the base colour you want for the theme.
    Themes for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus
  6. Your basic theme is now complete. If you want to add more customisation to the theme then on the bottom left you will see an option called advanced, click on that.
  7. In the Advanced options you will be able to customise things like themes and colors for Keyboards, Menus for the Quick Settings, Certain options relating to always on Display settings, Message Bubbles as well as the Notification panel.
    Themes for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus
  8. Once you have customised theme things to your heart’s content hit back and it’ll take you to the initial screen. Once on the Initial screen, hit the Next button.
  9. The next screen is where you can customise things for 3rd party apps, we recommend you skip these for now and  play with them only after you have a bit of experience making themes. Hit next to move to the next screen.
  10. On this screen you will see a lot of apps which can be themed. Select the ones you want to theme. We recommend you to select all of them for the sake of consistency.
  11. Hit next and you will be asked to enter a name for the Theme, give it an appropriate name you wish and hit build and let the App do it’s magic.
  12. Once the compilation is complete the device will prompt you to install the theme, just install it like you would normally install any app.
  13. That’s all, you have successfully made a custom theme. Congratulation!!

Apply created Themes for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

  1. To Apply the Theme, Go to Settings and under Settings go to Wallpaper and Themes
  2. Tap on Themes and navigate to the Theme you created.
  3. Tap The theme and it will be applied.
  4. It will say free trial but ignore it as the App will handle the rest.
  5. That’s it, you have successfully applied the Theme you created on your device.

So this was our way of making custom themes for your samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, we hope you liked our tutorial on how to make themes for S9 and S9 plus. If you have any queries or problems do let us know down in the comments and we will try to help you out.

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