USB Type-C chargers are very convenient as they completely avoid the necessity to carry multiple chargers for all the devices we use, provided that they support USB Type-C.

choetech 18w fast charger

Even though USB Type-C standard is universal and can be used to charge any device with a Type-C port, power delivery output is a major concern.

Most USB Type-C adapters just have a single power delivery output and even though they can still be used to charge any compatible device, the power output from the adapter can at times be too high or too low, depending on the device, which can harm the battery life of the device.

To resolve this issue, charger manufacturer Choetech has come up with an affordable USB Type-C Power Delivery charger, and today we will be explaining our experience with the Choetech’s USB Type-C 18W PD Charger.

Choetech USB Type-C 18W PD Charger Review

Choetech is a very popular charger manufacturer that makes wireless charger, wall charging adapters, car charging adapters, and so on.

The Choetech 18W USB Type-C Power Delivery charger is the latest product from the manufacturer and is already among the top-rated USB Type-C wall charging adapters on Amazon.

The main highlight feature of this Choetech USB Type-C charger is its “Power Delivery” feature, which scales the power output of the adapter up to 18-Watts, depending on the device being charged.

The PD feature helps in achieving fast charging on all compatible devices, without providing the device with more power than what it’s battery is rated for.

The Choetech 18W PD Type-C charger is capable of fast charging all “Quick Charge” compatible devices and has support for all 3 versions of Quick Charge (Quick Charge 1.0, Quick Charge 2.0, Quick Charge 3.0).

The charger also supports iPhone devices including iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X.

Basically, you can charge any USB Type-C device with this charger. However, one disadvantage of the charger is that the PD feature will not work if you try to charge any device without a USB Type-C charging port, which means that the Choetech 18W PD charger will work just like any other charger on devices without USB Type-C charging port.

Talking about the design of the charger, it is quite compact and the design is also quite tough so that the charger can easily withstand small drops without breaking down.

Another point to note is that this charger does not bundle a USB Type-C cable in the packaging. All you get is the Choetech 18W PD USB Type-C wall adapter.

Still, the Choetech 18W Power Delivery Type-C Wall Charger is a great deal as it sells for under $17, whereas the competitors start at $20, making the Choetech 18W PD Type-C charger the cheapest 18W Type-C PD charger in the market.

The charger comes with 18-months of warranty, and in case you face any issues with the charging adapter, you can easily get it repaired or replaced without any issues.

Moreover, Choetech also has a dedicated customer support team to resolve any customer issues and warranty claims.


We tested this adapter with iphone XS and results were highly positive.

  • Regular 5W Charger – In 60 minutes,  iPhone XS charged from 0% to 40%
  • Choetech Fast charger (used apple’s usb-c cable) – In 60 minutes, iPhone XS charged from 0% to 78%
  • Apple 29W USB-C Adapter – In 60 minutes, iPhone XS charged from 0% to 79%

Choetech is clear choice compared to regular charger though you will need usb-c to lightening cable. There are many great third party cables but generally you would not take risk with the cable.

Apple’s 29W adapter is slightly better than choetech but is highly expensive which isn’t worth it. I would recommend to go with Choetech’s adapter here unless price is not the issue.

Final Words

If you are looking for a USB Type-C charger that can charge all the devices that you own, then the Choetech USB Type-C 18W PD wall charger is the cheapest and best option you have.

The charger will not only make sure to fast charge compatible devices but will also provide only recommended power to the battery thus preventing issues such as device overheating, short circuit, and over-voltage.

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