One of the main factors that prevent Smartphone manufacturers from creating a true bezel-less device without any notch or chin are the sensors and the camera sensor that is supposed to sit in the front of the device.

Chinese Smartphone manufacturer “Bluboo” is all set to bring a Smartphone with a relatively new design to the race of bezel-less display Smartphones.


Instead of creating a chin or a notch to fit the camera sensor, the upcoming Bluboo S2 will feature a single horizontally rotating unit as the camera sensor, which will sit separately above the display unit so that the user can conveniently rotate the camera unit to use as a rear or selfie camera.

Even though other hardware specs of the device is not yet confirmed by the manufacturer, a Snapdragon processor along with a 21MP camera sensor from either Sony or Carl Zeiss is expected to make it into the Bluboo S2.


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