When you buy a new SIM card you may forget your SIM number or maybe you may have two SIM card in your mobile. Or you may have more than one mobile phone, so in this type of cases it makes confusion of remembering SIM numbers. Thus we are helping you to check your own mobile number or find your mobile number in case you lost or forgot your mobile number.

check your own mobile number

But do not worry we have two solutions for this problem. As the Telecom Operator Companies provides USSD code which you can run in your mobile and it will help you to find out your registered SIM card number. We have below provided USSD codes of different Telecom Operators which will make you check your own mobile number easily.

Table of Contents:

  • Method 1 – Check your Own Mobile Number from mobile settings
  • Method 2- Check your own mobile number using USSD Codes ~ Only for Indian Mobile users


Method 1-  Find your mobile number from your Mobile Settings

The Second method which is easy for the users to check mobile number for service provider and this method is inbuilt in your device. Below we will teach you step by step process to how to get your mobile number.

Note: For this you would need to have registered SIM card in your mobile phone and the number which you are in search that number’s SIM card must be in your device. Then only you will get your SIM number.

This method is available in iPhone, Android and Windows mobile phones but in many Android phones this method may not be compatible so those users can go with below given Method 2 by dialing USSD Code. And for iPhone and Windows phones this method works successfully. So now lets start with iPhone first and find my mobile number.

   For iPhone



Follow the Steps

  • Open  Settings 
  • Scroll down and open Phone option.
  • The very first box will display you your number. As you can see in the above picture.

For Android Phone’s

Now let’s use android phone to find my mobile number. Most of the instructions to check mobile number in android is same as in iPhone and Windows.


Follow the Steps as shown above in picture:

  • Open Settings  
  • Scroll down at bottom and select About device as show in picture.
  • Now, select Status.
  • Go to SIM card status as shown in picture.
  • There you will find your phone number.

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Note:  In many Android phones this method may not be compatible, so those users can go with the below given Method 2 by dialing USSD Code.

Windows Phones

Follow the below steps:

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Tap on the three dot icon in the bottom corner.
  • Now select Settings.
  • In the first box of the page your number will appear.

Method 2- Dialing USSD Code

This method is only for checking mobile number in india. You can check your mobile number in india using USSD Codes.

1) Airtel

  • *121*9#   or
  • *121*1#

2) Aircel

  • *131#  or
  • *1#


  • *222#

4) Idea

  • *131*1#      or
  • *121*4*6*2#


  • *8888#

6) Reliance JIO

  • *1#

7) TATA Docomo

  • *1#       or
  • *124#

8) Telenor

  • *1#

9) Vodafone

  • *111*2#   or
  • *555#

10) Videocon

  • *1#

11) LOOP

  • *1#        or
  • *001#

Some of the International Telecom companies.

1) Virgin

  • *1#

2) T-Mobile USA




What if you don’t have Smart-Phone?

Don’t worry we have solution for your this query too. We know that there are many users who don’t use smartphones and they may have an ordinary phone like a 7-8 yrs old phone.

For this type of phone you have three option

  1. The best way is that you can make a call to your best friend and he would read out your mobile number from caller id also you can use this method in today’s era too. If you have two cellphones than practically it becomes very easy.
  2. Second way is you can try out the USSD code dialing method as we have above provided almost all the famous operator’s USSD code list. So you can go with this method too.
  3. If this all methods don’t work then the best way is to contact customer care of your telecom company. Also you can go to customer care service center of the telecom company.


Finally after going with all these methods now you can easily find out your mobile number. If there occurs any problem you can comment below and you can also suggest if any telecom operator company is left out in the above list.




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