So you live in a country or region where some sites are banned by your government or ISP provider for some reason and you want to access them?  If that’s the case, then you are at right place! Blocked sites can be accessed by changing of your IP address. Keep reading to know more.

change ip address

Well, not only for blocked websites,  IP address is also changed to protect your privacy. To stay anonymous over the internet, you can try the methods we have listed below. Though you don’t go fully anonymous, yes to some extent you are safe. You could also want to register more than one account on specific sites or apps or you would like to do some troubleshooting which would require a change of IP address. There are can be many reasons,  these are only some of them.

Before we head to the main steps, it’s important to know exactly What is IP Address and is it legal to make changes to your original IP address?

In simple terms, IP address is like your unique house address.  It’s a unique 32-bit numerical system given to each device across the world for communication. An example or format of IP address is IP address is used for mainly two purposes. First, location tracking and second, network identification.  Nowadays,  it’s also known as IPv4 or Internet Protocol Version 4. It’s also totally legal to change your IP ADDRESS to stay safe and secure on the internet.

Well , let’s start. We have listed a few methods to give you some more options and to play around. I prefer you go through all and do the one you think suits perfect for you.

Method 1: The Simplest One

  • First,  find your current IP address so you would know that some change actually occurred. To find your IP Address,  just head to Google, and type “What is my IP?” in the search bar. After it loads, it will instantly show your original IP address.
  • After that head to, Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> More >> Aeroplane Mode
  • Next, turn on your Airplane Mode and keep it like that for almost half a minute.
  • Now, just turn it off again!
  • After that, again repeat the Step 2 to find your changed IP address.
  • If for some reason, the IP address didn’t get change then reboot and try again.

Method 2: The Pick And Place Technique 

Alright, this is a kind of different method as mentioned above. Here we will be going third party. So, read it carefully.

  • First, You will need a working IP address and its port. There are some sites online which provides such ip addresses with its working port. from any website which provides IP addresses. It will be like this – where part before colon is the IP address while part after the colon is Port number.
  • You will have to insert the following in the respective places.
  • Once you find a relevant IP address, just copy it.
  • Now, go to “Settings”
  • Next, head to Connections > Network Connections > WiFi
  • In the WiFi section,  you will find all the nearby WiFi. We have to ignore others and focus on the one which are connected with.
  • Hold the connected WiFi, and you will the presented with two options:  Forget Network & Modify Network.
  • Click on Modified Network and then” Show Advanced Options “
  • Inside Advanced Options,   head to Proxy >> Manual.
  • Now, you will find the IP address and Port columns. Paste the copied stuff in the correct columns.

After that, just save it!

Next time, if you want to stop using the IP address,  just remove the location and disable the Advanced Options.

Method 3 : Through Snap VPN Application

In this method we will be taking help of a third-party app which is Snap VPN to change our IP Address.

1) As discussed, you will need Snap VPN application to change your IP address and here’s the link to download it.

Download Snap VPN

2) Next, open the app and select a country server. It may take few seconds to process the step.

3) Boom! Your IP address would have now been changed to your selected country server. You can confirm it from Google!


That brings us to the end of the post on the guide to changing your IP address on Android device. We hope that the article has helped you gain some good and valuable information. Don’t forget to share the information with your friends by sharing this article on your social media handles. Last but not the least, don’t forget to let us know in the comments box below if you have any more methods to change your IP address.

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