sandisk flash drive

CES is the place where all brands showcase their new product lineups but some of them are just prototypes or limited quantities due to their experimental features.Sandisk at CES 2018 showcased  World’s Smallest 1 TB USB-C flash drive.

Kingston’s DataTraveler Ultimate GT is the World’s highest capacity USB Flash Drive with 2TB storage, it is made out of zinc-alloy casing but Sandisk’s 1 TB USB-C FLash Drive is much smaller than Kingston’s USB Flash Drive.

This time Sandisk adopted USB Type-C configuration rather a traditional USB 3.0 port that means you can directly connect this Pendrive to your Android smartphone along with laptops and personal computers as well.

The cost of Kingston’s DataTraveler Ultimate GT  is approx $1,950 that translates to Rs 1,24,237.As far as the pricing is concerned this is definitely going to be expensive as the technology it gathers.Let us wait for the official pricing and we are not sure whether it will be launching anytime soon in the markets.

Source – TheVerge.

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