BlitzWolf is a great brand that focusses on a variety of gadget accessories like MFI Certified Charging Cables, Smart Chargers, earphones and much more but we are here to review a great gadget i.e, The Blitz wolf VoX-1 earphones.I have been using these earphones for past couple of weeks and in my thorough testing the earphones performed exceptionally good, so let’s dive into an in-depth review of Blitzwolf BW-Vox1 hybrid earphones and see how they perform in detail.


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Unboxing Of Blitzwolf BW-Vox1 Earphones

You will get a nice big black box with Blitzwolf Branding, the box surely gives a premium look to the earphones though.

Inside the package, you will get user-manual, warranty card along with a well-built carry pouch that houses the earphones that are tied with strap.There are Ear-Plug caps of different sizes available in the box as to ensure that you get perfect sound according to the size of your ears.


  • Impedance: 16 Ω
  • Plug: 3.5mm
  • Speaker Diameter: 8mm
  • Sensitivity: 110  ± 3dB
  • Lead Length: 120cm
  • Frequency Range: 20 ~40000Hz

Design And Build Of Blitzwolf BW-VOX1 Earphones

The earphones have an excellent build quality with unique rubber pattern edges that provides extremely comfortable grip and looks stylish at the same time.The circular oxidized CD finishing is scratch resistant and offers maximum durability to the earphones.

The earphones boast an in-ear comfortable design and include three different sizes of the ear-plugs: XS, S, and L.

The 3.5mm audio pin is 24K gold plated, gold is used to make the material last longer. This headphone is promised to work on 99% smartphones available in the market.

There are three buttons on the controller: Volume UP, Volume Down and Play/Pause.The mid button can perform many tasks like during call: you can press once to answer, long press to reject the call and again press it once to hang up during the call. nonetheless, if you are playing music via earphones then if you press once it will play/pause, press twice then it will play next song similarly if you press it thrice then it will switch to the previous song.

The microphone is on the back side and it is of good quality.You can use the microphone for taking and rejecting calls.

Sound Quality Review Of Blitzwolf BW-VOX1 Earphones

As I mentioned above these earphones excel in the build quality but the most important aspect of any earphones is the purposely sound quality and overall listening experience.These earphones incorporate Hybrid drivers that produce an extremely accurate listening experience.

During the usage of the earphones at the home, they provide good noise cancellation.In my usage, these earphones produced great vocals, you can easily identify Highs, MIDs, and Lows.

I was impressed by these BlitzWolf earphones when these earphones intercepted the background music (LOWs) perfectly. Seriously I could easily manage to hear the finest detail of some songs.

These earphones might not be a great deal for the bass-heads out there because they are made to provide a balanced sound with adequate bass.They provide a balanced signature sound with more focus on vocals but do not get me wrong the bass is pleasant enough to satisfy casual bass-lovers.

The bass feels deficient while traveling in a public transport because of the noise that is present outside surpasses the bass quality and to tell you that this surpassing effect does not affect the vocals quality at all.


No doubt, these earphones are surely one of the best in the range as of now, you can buy them from BangGood for approx Rs 1700 without customs duty.

These earphones are surely not for the bass-heads but yeah if you are one of kind who wants a great balanced audio signature then without any more thinking you can buy them.

Blitzwolf also provides a carry case of good quality which gives another reason to buy these earphones.

So that’s it for now, if our review helped you in making a great decision towards your purchase then do not forget to share this amazing article with your friends.

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