Lost in thought of what the Virtual Assistant Bixby can do for you? Don’t worry, after spending a few minutes reading this articles about the best Bixby commands you can access to make life with smartphone easier and efficient.

Let’s talk about Bixby first, just for a background knowledge. Earlier this year Samsung launched this Artifical Assistant as an upgraded version of the S Voice for their upcoming smartphones of the company. Being a voice-powered task performer, it creates a much easier and effective interference with users, helping them to automate tasks.

Bixby has three sections, mainly Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision and Bixby Home. The Bixby Voice deals with performing a task through voice recognition, Bixby Vision helps you find out real-time information about objects your camera point at just like an augmented reality and lastly Bixby Home, it’s where you find all your “searched related” news like weather and news reports.

Here’s what you can do with your personal Bixby :

Use Bixby To Approach Other Applications 

You can now access any applications such as Facebook , Twitter and many more just by telling Bixby what needs to be done

  • Open Facebook and post a message
  • Open Facebook and create a post with a recent photo
  • Open Facebook and follow the page TheDroidWay
  • Open Twitter and search for TheDroidWay
  • Open Twitter and Show latest tweets
  • Open Instagram and Post the recent picture

Not just this, you can tell Bixby to launch any application and perform any task just by telling ” Open _____ and do _______”

Use Bixby for Navigation 

With the help of Bixby you can navigate inside the phone without touching your voice phone display. Commands such as

  • Show The Home Screen
  • Scroll Down
  • Swipe Left
  • Swipe Right
  • Scroll Up
  • Go Back

Camera Control With Bixby 

Manage any camera settings and click pictures with your Voice. Yes, Bixby whatsoever you would tell Bixby to do on a camera, it will obey you.

  • Take a selfie, and send it to Parth
  • Turn on Flash
  • Adjust the exposure value to 1
  • Turn on the Grid Lines
  • Set Timer for 3 Seconds
  • Take A Panorama Shot

Now don’t miss perfect moments finding and adjusting your settings, Bixby got your back.

Also an Insight to Bixby Vision :

Ask Bixby 

Too lazy to search things on your browser? Ask Bixby to do it? Ask anything you like. To enable this feature, speak Enable Q & A.

 Access Settings with Bixby 

You can now tell Bixby to enable or disable anything from your settings, just by speaking it clear. Bixby can save your time by not going into searching a setting icon which you rarely use and search the settings you need to modify. Here are a few instances.

  • Turn off the Wifi
  • Show me the data usage
  • Turn on the hotspot
  • Change sound mode to General

Common Commands with Bixby 

There are few commands which don’t come under any category but are very useful in day-to-day basis to save time. These are similar to directly giving an order to Bixby to perform whatever you want and these are one of the best and handy commands you would need. Below are some relevant for you to refer.

  • Install Clash of Clans from Google Play store
  • Read out the last notification
  • Reject call and text message saying “Busy, can’t talk now”
  • Book an uber to zoo
  • Clear out all Notifications.

Bixby With Samsung Products 

Few of the best and useful features of Bixby are that it can help you access your other Samsung products too. Anything that works has a Samsung Connect can be activated by you speaking to your Galaxy phone. For example Samsung Tv.

  • Turn On The Tv
  • Open Samsung Connect and open Youtube
  • Open Samsung Connect and go to Cartoon Network
  • Turn Off the TV

That’s not it, Bixby has tons of commands and options for you to ease up your life and I guarantee after a while using them, you will certainly feel Tony Stark talking to Jarvis. You can find the whole list of commands and applications that can be used by Bixby here :

Go to Bixby Home >> Click the rightmost upper corner with three dots in a vertical row >> Then Click on Voices and services

There you will find the whole list of commands and applications you can use with your Bixby.

The Outro!

As we come to an end about discussing what are some of the best Bixby commands, you will certainly know that Bixby can be a lot handy than you thought. Once you start getting familiar with all the commands and once you get used to it, everything will be on your fingertip. Secondly, best commands of Bixby may vary from person to person, but above mentioned are some of the most common and cooperative commands you will need. Hence if you come across any other fascinating ones, do not forget to mention in the comment section. Stay Tuned For More! Happy Surfing!

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