Lifestyles are far more sophisticated today than they used to be. Keeping up a healthy mind and body has become a tougher challenge to accomplish but reappears each year in our New Year’s resolution. But this article right here is going to help you out with a list of best best yoga apps for android.

While having expensive gym equipment at home isn’t a viable option for everyone, going to the gym before or after working hours is a concept that exists only in theory. One of the least expensive ways to keep your mind and body in perfect alignment along with fitness goals is through ‘Yoga’.

Top 10 Best Yoga Apps for Android

Yes, this ancient Indian form of meditation and exercise has become a worldwide phenomenon and now it is even available on the most popular mobile platform. Here is a list of 10 best yoga apps for Android that you must have on-the-go!

Zen by ZenApp



Meditation, relaxation and maintaining a perfect emotional balance are the key principles of yoga. Zen is better described as an application for complete mindfulness to achieve whatever you’ve set out to conquer in life.

Zen’s interface is visually appealing and simplistic. Icons on the bottom bar aid navigation throughout the app.

On startup, motivating & harmonious ‘quotes’ greet the users that align with the core philosophy of ‘well-being’.

Moving further ahead, the ‘featured’ content opens a multitude of options that are dedicated to specific purposes that one can benefit from. There’s meditation music, mantras, healing insomnia in ‘07 days’ and more intriguing content to take advantage of. This cements it firmly as one of the best yoga apps for android.

Various meditation modules are also included to find relief from anxiety, releasing guilt, building confidence, releasing sadness, etc. Additionally, a therapy session is readily available via a meditation guide which is one of the most attractive features of Zen.


  • Zen is purely on-the-go. With several audio modules to choose from, it benefits from daily commuters to housewives & even students who cannot spare a lot of time to watching videos.
  • Highly interactive and makes use of soothing colors.
  • Very easy to use and works around mindfulness.


  • Users get only 7-day free trial after payment confirmation. Subscription varies from weekly US $2.99 to monthly US $5.99 and yearly US $36.99 (you get 50% discount).
  • The application is available in only three languages – English, Spanish and Portuguese.

daily yogaDaily Yoga



Simple, interactive and fun to use, Daily Yoga is built around one concept, getting you on board! If you’re someone who’s new to Yoga then this is the best yoga apps for android for you!

Although it is tailored for beginners, there are modules for intermediate and advanced yoga enthusiasts. If you’re like me and have never tried yoga before, you can take an ‘Ability Test’ to see where you are.

On the home screen, you will find all the exercises neatly populated into segments. These include yoga for great posture, 10-day beginner tour, getting toned, health enhancer, stress relief, everyday mindfulness, quick yoga fix and a lot more!


There are also separate areas for professional yoga practitioners, just for women, and soon-to-be moms.

Another featured section is the Chromecast supported sessions that has varieties of exercise for distinct purposes such as fat burner, joint movement, spinal movement, flexibility, and energy booster.

Daily Yoga allows integration with a popular fitness Android application, Google Fit.


  • Built for everybody from beginner to professional.
  • Special yoga sessions for women who are expecting a baby.
  • Offers video tutorials.
  • Yearly pricing is the best for every pocket only $1.67 a month.
  • A lot of video and audio content to choose from.


  • Monthly subscription starts at $9.99 which is a bit too high.

Yoga Studio



Yoga Studio is popular among meditation practitioners that feature a renowned instructor, Rodney Yee.

This application offers 65 yoga classes which are also available offline. It has a library of 280 yoga poses broken down frame-by-frame to help you get the proper position.

Additionally, you can create a personalized training session that best fits into your routine.

Its database comes with a varied list of music but you can also include tracks from other apps. You can use the search bar to find a suitable pose according to your preference, focus, and ability, then add it to favorites.

Furthermore, you can have access to and repeat the saved classes on a monthly basis, and choose their order and duration.

Yoga Studio teaches you best way to stay fit while learning the names of different poses and the benefits that they bring to all the relevant parts of the body.

Meanwhile, a yoga enthusiast can schedule to maintain consistency and smart follow-up on their progress.

Each yoga session ranges from 15, 30 and 60 minutes which can be downloaded to view offline.

This is one of the best yoga apps for Android because it offers full access to HD videos, detailed imagery, and instruction to inspire and educate you from the get-go.

The paid app but offers a 2-week free trial upon choosing one out of the three subscription plans starting at $1.99/month, $4.99 for 3 months or $19.99 per year which you can cancel anytime.


  • Features a well-known yoga trainer, Rodney Yee, for motivation and trust.
  • Pricing per year is very low so it is cost-effective.
  • Forces you to adopt discipline which is really great!


  • Requires users to sign up for a subscription before they can use the app. Studio 



It is one of the most distinctive wellness apps on this list. The app has a record download of over 7 million and offers more than 289 poses and breathing exercises. It also comes with 37 pre-installed programs that cover beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga enthusiasts.

Alternatively, if you know what you are looking for, you can simply search via skill level, fitness goal or by a certain type of yoga pose or breathing exercise, etc.

Personalize your yoga routine to work at your own pace.


  • A vast library of yoga exercises that none other has to date.
  • HD video support for each pose and exercise.
  • 3D graphical representation showing the affected muscles.
  • Affordable.


  • Paid users have complained that ads still exist even in the upgraded version.

Yoga Timer




Yoga Timer is a modern app that allows you to time your yoga sessions instead of using the built-in Android alarm/timer. It is great for those who are seriously meditating or exercising away and don’t want to be bothered by noisy and loud alarms. As long as you are following either a pre-installed module such as Kirtan Kriya, doing a meditation or have set your own module, the timer will easily slide at the end of one cycle to another.


  • Multiple colored themes to switch between
  • Share yoga class with Android Beam
  • Automatic backup of workouts when switching to a new phone or after performing a factory reset.


  • Ad-supported with a 7-day free trial after which you need to upgrade to remove ads.
  • Application opens into settings, which can be a bit confusing.
  • Requires a lot of permissions.

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere



Down Dog is a perfect example of ‘on-the-go’ application. It is highly interactive and the UI is something to do with! It has many modules, most of which are available even in the free version.

The Pro version is also quite affordable that comes in a subscription-style for a monthly or yearly subscription. One of the best yoga apps for android for the working professional who doesn’t have much time to spare.

With an upgrade, you get to boost a specific practice area, adjust the pace of your practice, decrease the amount of spoken instruction or change the music style. It is only $50 a year or about $8 per month which is an amazing option for anyone who is completely devoted to learning the art of yoga at home.

For a beginner, the app automatically begins into ‘Intro to Yoga’ sequence type which is a 3-day series covering all the fundamental poses. Day 1 starts with 12 min exercise, day 2 with 13 mins and day 3 lasts for 20 mins.

Each video tutorial contains visual aids that are easily controlled. Also, the background music is very well selected and does not clutter or overshadow the instructions at all.

There are a few options to choose between in your choice of playlist- Alt Beats, Acoustic, Instrumental and Soft Instrumental, or you can simply choose None if you do not want to listen to any music in the background.

In addition to learning pose names in English and Sanskrit, you can choose the pace, boost and the number of spoken instructions.


  • Guaranteed excellent yoga experience.
  • Caters to all categories from beginner to expert.
  • Awesome selection of playlist tracks.
  • Nicely mentored poses and exercises.
  • Most of the content is available for free.


  • Yearly pricing might seem a bit high in currencies other than USD.

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax



Like Zen, Calm is another mindfulness app but with the difference that Calm integrates some of the yoga techniques and breathing exercises to make it all the more worth to its users.

Additionally, there are many modes to choose from – calming anxiety, managing stress, deep sleep, happiness, gratitude, body scan, self-esteem, forgiveness, walking meditation and so much more.

Special features include daily calm wherein a new 10-minute program is added every day to help you ease into the day or unwind before you hit the sack, sleep stories for adults, unguided timed meditation, open-ended meditation and sooth nature sounds and scenes to further aid meditation.


  • Users get a lot for the price they pay
  • A one-stop shop for meditation, finding happiness and developing a positive outlook
  • Comes with great feedback from NYT, TechCrunch, etc.
  • Save to google fit, activate do not disturb, enable animated scenes like a fireplace, evening crickets, thunderstorm, mystic fountain, sunset beach, and download over the cellular network.
  • Play mystic sounds even outside the app
  • Maintain daily streak with the in-app calendar


  • Some users have reported not being able to add a new playlist or it being downright buggy.

Pocket Yoga



The app will educate and help you to avoid any kind of back or muscular strain by teaching through 200 very well-illustrated poses. All of the content in Pocket Yoga is designed by professionals for a flawless follow-up and regular practice.

Each level fulfilled in the chosen plans will unlock new environments which makes this app further interactive. The more progress you make, the more it’s worth using.

You can start a new class at any time and from anywhere and similarly, join an ongoing class regardless where you are.


  • Pocket Yoga helps you endorse a regular exercise routine from the comfort of your home.
  • You can create from 27 different sessions to also learn alignment and the benefits of each.
  • The timer helps to have better control of the time dedicated towards practice.
  • Class previews are available prior to start a training.
  • Rewarded app by CNN as one of the “10 great mobile health apps”.  Thus, you can expect high performance and functionality in an excellent platform.


  • No free trial available.

Yoga Poses and Classes



For those who want to start off by developing taste for yoga without making a hard commitment, Yoga Poses and Classes is quite possibly the best one out there. It’s best because it is free but not great overall as compared to paid applications listed above.

It features videos in HD, more than 100 poses, includes pose search feature by typing in the name of a pose in English based on type, focus, and ability. Educates the user by displaying information about each pose, its benefits, and instructions on how to do it the right way. Till date, over 111 poses have been developed and are fed into its database free of charge!

Each class is about 10 to 30 minutes long all of which can be saved for replay.


  • It is great for beginners, although intermediate and advanced users are also welcome.
  • 9 unique yoga classes are included in HD format.
  • Play classes on TV with AirPlay and Chromecast.


  • Database isn’t as large as paid apps.
  • Ad-supported
  • Some users have complained about HD videos not streaming on their devices.

Yoga Fitness



Another app designed for everyone, young and old, beginner to expert. Yoga Fitness is a very simple application that delivers only one purpose- to get you fit! It has a ‘tiled’ interface that touches on the most important aspects of yoga, namely instructions about each pose, exercises for a different purpose, yoga tips, 30-day yoga challenge, yoga programs, and reminder.

The application is ad supported which pop-up without a notice.


  • Best for beginners.
  • Covers all aspects of yoga under one roof
  • Has a built-in timer and 30-day yoga lessons


  • The user interface isn’t eye-catchy
  • Lacks support for playlist integration or import
  • Yoga videos open in YouTube, so internet access is mandatory.

Wrapping up

With the help of these 10 best yoga apps for Android, you will find the right form of coaching that the world’s best physical fitness trainers have put together in a simple & yet interactive format. Each one of these applications is designed to serve some unique purpose whether that is weight loss, honing focus, getting better sleep, fight depression, or to keep a positive outlook on everyday life.

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