Alright so we all know that Android Oreo has rolled up a little time back and it’s killing the market with it’s awesome features. As of now its mostly supported on Google and Pixel devices, but soon there will be an official announcement for other devices too. Anyways,  Substratum has landed for Android Oreo, meaning you can now install customized themes for your device. Quite cool? Right? Keep reading to know more.

Substratum acts as the tool using which you can theme Android device. But, we need to have a theme pack or lists to choose from. This is where Play Store comes to the rescue. On the Play Store, you can find various Substratum themes to install and implement on your device . Everyday many new themes are getting added to the list. But, the main issue which arises is that , What is the correct paid theme to choose from such a list? Well, why worry anymore, as we are here.

Best Substratum themes for your Android Device

Today, we will be listing down top 10 Substratum themes which you should give a shot on your Android device. So, just sit back, relax and enjoy reading the post.

1) Default Dark

Alright, so if you love to stick to your Android stock version, then you may like to implement this theme for a darker stock version. It will make your system UI go dark,  while keeping the icons and logos as it is. It will affect places like the Play Store, Settings,  Apps, etc. Though, it may not affect some app if they are programmed like that to avoid any theme change.

default dark theme

Anyways, the good thing is that this theme is totally free to use on your device. So, try out the stock version in a darker mode.


2)  Outline Theme

Do you love something simple and light? You love simplicity? Do you want a theme which will make your device look clean and simple? If that’s the case, then you should give a try to the Outline Theme. It will make your device look clean and light with the minimal icons.

outline substratum theme

If you check the notification toolbar, you will see that the theme replaces the original icons with the minimal free hand outline drawing of them. This gives it a very fresh and simple look.


3) FLUX Theme

If you are looking to try out something unique, new and modern,  then you should definitely give try to the Flux theme. Flux theme is a blue pixel theme which follows the unique circular design. It has got various features that includes changing of font,  changing theme of the Play Store, third party apps, Settings of the device and various other features.

flux substratum theme

It features some great and awesome high quality vector images. This is definitately a thing to try out!


4) Reverie Theme

This is another simple and elegant theme you can try out by downloading from the Play Store. If you want to stick to the stock version, but still want some basic premium features, then this theme is a must for you. The theme has got a great vector accent with beautiful color combination.

Reverie substratum theme

The font also gets changed in the theme. You can also implement different themes on the inbuilt stock applications.


5) PitchBlack Theme

Alright, so if you have previously installed Resurrection Remix custom ROM on your device, you would surely have the PitchBlack theme pre installed. The great news is that the PitchBlack theme is now available for public!  It’s one of the best black-red theme available out there.

PitchBlack substratum theme

PitchBlack theme has got great dark look with  red icons and fonts. The theme comes equipped with great font and boot animations making it a housefull package for anyone looking to try out something new and dark. It allows you to easily change theme of additional apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. The great thing is if you use OLED/AMOLED device, then you can try this theme to easily save some battery juice.


6) Android O Theme

Alright, so you don’t own a Nexus or Pixel device, and you wish to get a similar experience of Android O devloper preview on your device! Well, to solve this need, we present to you the Android O white theme. The theme has got some of the modern and unique features, including,  change of status and notification bar, modifying of stock apps, using of new Android O sound packs, wallpapers, etc.

Android-O substratum theme

The theme is still in its beta stage and is being worked upon. So, if you wish to get the same feel of the developer preview update, then download from below.


7) Pixel Android O Dark Theme

If you loved the Android O white theme, then you would also love the Pixel Android O Dark theme . This theme is for those who wanted a dark tone version while keeping the other things same. Yes, it has got the same new notification bar, status bar, etc.

PitchBlack substratum theme

You will enter a darker and beautiful world by installing this alternative theme to the white version.  Try both of them and see which one suits you.


8) Swift Dark Theme

If you are looking for a dark theme, then this is a must for you. According to us, this is the best dark theme you can get for your device. You can alter it according to your liking. It not only brings the dark change in the System UI but also in the commonly used apps, including Google Apps, Chrome, etc.

swift dark substratum theme

The great thing inside the application is the color combination options you can set from. It includes options like Dark Orange, Dark Green, etc. It’s a really awesome application.


9) Minimaterial

Do you want to try something modern material but still sticking to the stock in dark mode? Well, you can try out the Minimaterial Theme. It doesnt affect the status, or notification bar, so you can enjoy your stock version look in a dark tone.

Under this theme,  you can easily theme various stock and third party applications that includes Messaging, Facebook,  Gmail, YouTube,  Google+, etc. The theme is paid which can be downloaded from below link.


10) Antares Theme

This theme is known for it’s hexagonal shape change which it gives to the icons present on the notification bar,status bar and some other places. The theme has got its own  sound pack, font and boot animations.

antares substratum theme

It follows  a bluish greyish back tone, while there’s a choice of secondary color. There’s much more to it. Download it to know more!



That’s it from our side for today!  We hope that you liked reading the post and gaining knowledge about different Substratum themes. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends through your social media handles. Also, let us know which theme you going to use in the comments section below.

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