SMS or short messaging service helps us to send text messages over the air to even people living in distant of places. Previously messengers in the form of pigeon or human were used to send messages from one place to another and if the distance was greater, then they used pigeons as messengers. Gone are those days as you can send instant messages over the internet.

best sms apps for android

There are a lot of messaging apps that helps you to send text messages over the internet at an instant but then some of these apps have much more than just sending text messages. Here are some of the apps that you may like to use at least once for your daily texting needs. These apps are handpicked from Google Play store and have a rating of over 4 out of 5. Let’s look at some of their features.

Google allo

1) Google Allo (Google LLC)

   Download Google Allo

Google ALLO is a messaging app by Google LLC. Those who don’t know about Google LLC, Google LLC is a Limited Liability Company which designs new products under the pen name of Google LLC. The app has over 10 million downloads and has 4.3 rating from 282,954 reviews. Coming to the app, Google ALLO is a smart messaging app that is incorporated with Google Android Assistant.

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Basically, it’s an artificially intelligent app that replies to the messages you receive, without you, even typing a word. It is not limited to text messages only but also send replies to the pictures that you receive. This app has a huge bank of emojis and stickers and has doodle functions too.  The best thing about the app is that you don’t have to highlight a word by caps locking it, just swipe on your screen to make a word larger or smaller according to your needs. The app charges for text messaging according to your network carrier charges and nothing else.

chomp sms

2) Chomp SMS

   Download Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is one another popular texting app by Delicious. The app has over 10 million downloads. It has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5 from 332,334 reviews. The app has unique features which makes it a unique app. You can choose over from tons of free themes and customise the look of the app in your own way.

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The app has lots of other cool features as well. You can lock your app with passcode app lock with which you can lock your chomp SMS app and can prevent other people from accessing your messages. You can send scheduled SMS in case its a birthday. The message can be scheduled one month prior to the date and the timer will set off at your desired time, triggering the sending of SMS.

The other features include stopping a text while sending, pin your favorite conversation to the top, works with dual sim, better group and MMS messaging and much more exciting features. You can also add desktop notifications so that you can reply from your desktop.


Android messages3) Android messages (Google LLC)


Android messages app is like the stock messaging app from Google LLC. This app has over 100 million downloads and has a rating of 4.1 stars from 508929 reviews. This is an easy way to communicate with people over texting with the beautifully built and simple user interface. You can text someone or send MMS over the phone through Android messages app.

The app has direct sharing option which helps you to send pictures or videos by directly clicking from the app.  You can easily search through contacts and conversations. You can also send text messages over wifi or cellular data for free of cost. The app is supported on Android devices which have android 4.4 or greater version.

mighty text4) Mighty Text (mighty text)

   Download Mighty Text

If you are a person who spends more time on his/her PC and less time on a smartphone then this app perfectly suits you.  Once connected, you can see your messages from your laptop and can reply to them from your PC only without even touching your smartphone.

The app has a rating of 4.5 from 130,141 reviews and has over 5 million downloads. This is a great app for freelancers, students, real estate agents and all those who are more engaged in PC work.

The app also has other features like getting your battery percentage of your smartphone on your laptop while your smartphone is out of your reach.  Some other features of this app include receiving notifications of your smartphone on your PC, Scheduling SMS, phone call alerts, checking contact lists from your PC, SMS email and you and much more.


Messaging SMS5) Messaging SMS (green banana studio)


Messaging SMS is a great android app by the green banana studio. It is rated as 4.4 stars out of 5 from 39,926 reviews. This app has over 1 million downloads and has more positive ratings.

The features of this messaging app are same as some other traditional texting apps which are like sending MMS or sending a text message with emoticons and so on. The user interface of the app is quite appreciable as you can easily toggle between messages sent and received or can view other settings as well. The app works best on Android 4.4 or higher.

textme sms for android6) Textme (text me inc.)

   Download Textme

Textme is one another texting android app in this category by text me inc. Textme had been downloaded over 10 million times and has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 from 319,534 reviews.This is a cross-platform messaging app and you can send unlimited text messages to over 40 countries including USA and Canada. The unlimited feature is not limited to text messages only but you can send unlimited pictures as well with the help of Textme.

You can also video call your friends or invite them for a group chat. You can also buy credits to text to over 200 countries with your credits or you can connect to a wifi network and call someone for free of cost. The best feature of this app is that you can get your own text sponsored phone number.  They also support free HD calling to the users of the app and private messages which can be deleted after the chat.

textra sms for android7) Textra SMS (delicious)

   Download Textra SMS

Textra SMS is a text messaging android app from delicious. This app has over 10 million downloads and has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 from 327,299 reviews. The appearance of the app is great and is customisable according to your needs. You can change the color of the icon or change the theme as well. It has over 180 themes, bubbles and icon colors.

The app also features dark, light and automatic modes for display according to your need. Apart from sending normal messages and MMS you can also schedule an SMS. It has other notable features like MMS group messaging, GIF texting, quick voice memos and much more.

My SMS8) My SMS (Mysms)

   Download My SMS

My SMS is a messaging and texting app for Android smartphones which has over 1 million downloads and has a rating of 4.3 stars from 35,633 reviews.  The app has been developed by My SMS team and is featured in top magazines. It is also featured on Google Play store in 130+ countries.

With this app, you can send text messages from laptop or tablet while you are away from your Smartphone. The app sends call notifications and the call log on your Tablet or computer. The app has an amazing feature of Group MMS and you can sync all your contacts from your device to my SMS cloud server so that you can text from anywhere and any device easily.


Go sms pro9) Go SMS Pro

   Download Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is a texting app from the GOMO apps developers’ team.  The app has a rating of 4.4 stars from over 2 million reviews. The app has over 100 million downloads which are huge and says everything about the popularity of the app. The app comes with hundreds of customised themes and has lovely stickers along with the private box, pop up windows and Go chat.

The app also provides dual sim support. The app has a special feature which is known as a private box and this helps you to keep your important and private chats secure and safe. The GO chat supports free texting and group messages and that too free of cost. There is a delay option as well which helps you to correct a send message.

mood messenger10) Mood Messenger

   Download Mood Messenger

This is a latest and very new SMS/text messaging app for Android smartphones. The app has over 1 million downloads and has a rating of 4.5 stars from 59,707 reviews. If you love to have a texting app that has a very simple user interface and is ad-free then this is the right app for you.

This app has some great additional feature other than sending text messages from your Android Smartphone. The app features predictive and instinctive writing as it can detect the word you are typing and shows a smiley related to that word. You can share moods with the co-users of the app and thus its named as Mood Messenger. Mood messenger has a lot of other great features like  MMS sharing, Watch and send youtube videos, customisable backgrounds, customisable themes and much more.This is a great texting app as well that can be found on Google play store.


The above apps are chosen according to the ratings and reviews but are not sorted according to the ratings. Some of the apps have similar kind of features as well but there can be even a hairline difference too.  You can try out all the apps and see for yourself, which app suits you and use the app you are comfortable with. There are lots of other messaging apps as well but you need to use them in order to know the reliability of those apps.

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