Are you looking for Siri for android like voice assistant to compete with iphone users? Then you must check our list of siri like voice assistant for android.

personal assistant apps for android

Did you watch the movie, Iron Man? Of course, you have(Duh!), I watched that movie in 2010(I know it released in 2008 but I wasn’t into comic book movies), Needless to say, the movie blew my mind, It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I love it so much, that I have to watch it like billion times, Hell! I would watch it again if it’s on tv right now. That’s how much I love that movie. But only after a lot of years and tons of viewing I realized some things.

All the actors were acted very well. I can’t imagine any of the actors in any other role. They embraced their respective character that well!. You must be thinking what the hell, is this an Android site or movie review site?.  well, you are in the right place it’s just the author whose crazy. But I do have a point(just hold on). Back to the topic, There is one main character that went noticed and he was throughout the movie. Can you guess? ok, I’ll tell you it was personal Artifical Intelligence assistant Jarvis. You can see throughout the movie it helps the character of Robert Downey Jr. in every way possible. Hell, he even saves his life at one instance. Seeing such a great personal assistant made me wanna have one for myself as well, as you do realize I am not Iron man(yet!) and I can only depend on the AI available in the market. To my surprise, there are a number of apps available in the market. Not all of them are great. I was so obsessed with finding the best Personal Assistant that I installed and checked each one of them.Some were great, some were not so great and rest was just meh! To save you the trouble of not using mediocre Personal Assistant apps, I made of list of the best personal assistant apps for Android .

10 Best Voice Assistant Apps for Android

You can see the list of best personal assistant apps below.

jarvis for android1. Jarvis – My Personal Assistant

Price – Free


I might little be biased here. Jarvis is very popular personal assistant app amongst Android users because of its name. The name of the app is a direct reference to on Iron man’s personal artificial intelligence Assistant. The developer’s claim to “skyrocket your phone’s coolness factor”. Jarvis comes with various cool features such as widget support, ability to set wallpapers, change phone settings (Turning on and off wifi, Bluetooth settings etc.). This application performs basic tasks such as setting reminders, make calls and messages, Voice notifications with ease. Jarvis offers other great features such as:

  • Automatic wallpaper update – Jarvis automatically updates device wallpaper every day.
  • theme support

Customizable and cool themes offered by app namely Mark 1, Mark 2 and Mark 3. On top of all these great features, Jarvis also offers Cloud voice. which means you can have a great and funny conversation with the app. The conversation can be outright funny. One thing that can that turn off some people is that the app although, is completely free it features advertisements, to remove ads you need to pay for the ad-free version.


cortana for android


Price – Free


Cortana is the second voice assistant app for android in this list. They are offered by Microsoft Corporation which is one of the biggest names in the software and tech industry.  Cortana is very efficient and can be called as an equal to Siri(official AI of Apple). You can use Cortana for different purposes like setting alerts, notifications and even location based reminder. It helps you to track important stuff across all devices. Plan your day with Cortana and never miss out on anything. Just like Cortana, you can access Cortana on your lock screen of your Android device. Cortana is beautifully designed and has easy to use UI. Cortana is filled with great features, that will help you make your life, much easier. It is also the same application which comes with windows. It is without a doubt one of the best personal assistant app in android.


Hound assistant for android3. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

Price – Free


Hound is offered by Soundhound Inc. It is the same company that made the very popular Soundhound- Music search application. It is another great personal assistant app for android in the list. Hound has included some features from Soundhound- Music search application such as music search, discovery and play music. There are some basic features that hound has like booking a cab, booking a movie ticket, Math Calculations, weather forecast, Call and text by voice etc. These features are carried out really well without any type of delay. Hound also features beautifully designed UI and is extremely easy to use. Overall, Hound is a must have voice assistant app for android users.

google allo assistant for android4. Google Allo

Price – Free


Google Allo is offered by Google itself, which is a surefire mark of quality. Google Allo is a smart messaging application which was made to compete with WhatsApp. Google Allo includes Google assistant. Google Assistant is an AI which can perform various tasks such as search on the internet, set reminder, and other basic tasks. Google Allo is very conversation friendly and is extremely easy to use. You can add @google assistant to group chat or one on one conversation.


Dragon assistant for android5. Dragon Assistant

Price – Free


Dragon Assistant is offered by Nuance Communications, Inc. Dragon Assistant is one of the easiest to use and simplified personal Assistant application out there. What differentiates Dragon Assistant from other personal assistant application is its feature called custom wake up phrases with voice bio metrics. This feature lets you create a unique voiceprint. This unique voice print allows only you to command the assistant. Dragon Assistant even has a landscape mode. Some other popular features include send and receive text messages, post on Facebook and Twitter updates, emails etc. This app also offers ‘Attentive mode’ which wakes up the phone just by listening to a particular phrase even if the screen is locked.This phrase can be anything and is set by the user.Although the app is not as popular as the rest of the apps in the lists, it does have best reviews by its users.

Indigo Virtual Assistant for android6. Indigo Virtual Assistant

Price – Free


Indigo is another great personal assistant application on the list. Indiago virtual assistant is offered by Artifical Solutions. Just like other application in the list, It can perform basic tasks such as sending message, search on the web, weather forecast,  Find the best restaurant or bar in town, Get directions and navigate to friends, restaurants, and stores, Quickly find locations on Google Maps, Set alarms and reminders, alerting you at a specific time if needed, Read and send text messages, emails, and tweets and other common stuff with little to no problem. The developers claim Indigo is the friendliest virtual assistant application. Although this application is still in beta stage, it is very smooth and has no bugs. Indigo is also capable of translating text to over 70 languages. All in all, a solid personal assistant application to have on your device.

Robin AI Voice Assistant for android7. Robin – AI Voice Assistant

Price – Free


Robin is another substitute of Siri.  Unlike other applications in the list, Robin is on a play store for quite a long time. Robin is still in beta stage. Robin also offers some in app purchases. Robin can also perform basic functions like send a text message, access social media profiles etc. the usual stuff. It can also respond to gestures. Because Robin is still in beta stage, it can be a little buggy at times.

Download Robin from here.

AIVC (Alice) for android8. AIVC (Alice)

Price – Free


Aivc is a personal assistant application which is pronounced as Alice. You can give her instructions, commands and ask for information about general terms. It has a  very friendly UI and performs tasks very quickly. Aivc also has a pro version which is paid. The free version contains ads. Aivc can assist you with a number of basic tasks such as Call, SMS, Email, Translation, Navigation, Alarm, Timer, App Launcher, Calculator, Facebook, Websearch, Weather, Search images.. and much more. If you don’t like default commands you can also define your own command with Aivc.

DataBot Assistant for android9. DataBot Assistant

Price – Free


Databot is offered by Robot studio. Databot is loaded with a number of great features such as share answers using SMS, Email and social network and other usuall stuff. Databot is cross platform application which means you can use the same assistant on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Databot is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese. Databot offers free and paid upgrades which extend its functionality. Databot has a very positive rating on play store. Databot is an incredibly fun to use application.

You can download Databot from here

Cyman Mark 2 for android10. Cyman Mark

Price – Free


Last on the list is Cyman Mark. Cyman mark is a British male “butler” voice powered by iSpeech technology. x Cyamn is one of the best personal assistant apps out there. off course, Cyman is all the features like Calling and texting ,Twitter & Facebook status, Opening Android applications,Latest news articles,Schedule commands,Local and international weather information,Movies nearby,Language translation,Factual information,Location queries,Task list management,Play music,Limited mobile device controls,Alarm setting and many more. There are some fun features as well like If you want to give Cyman another name all you need to is speak ‘ change your nickname to Jarvis’.  The British voice gives a unique personality to the assistant.Just another a great application on the list. Do check the youtube video below –




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