The interface of a Smartphone is what most people care about while buying a good Smartphone. There are different themes in smartphones. In one theme you may not be able to find the app drawer while in other you may find it. This is the best part about Android smartphones that you can customise them as you may like not just on the visual level but you can also customise your handset on the core level as well. But then you will need a driver which will help you to customise your Handset and that driver is the Nova launcher and themes/icon packs.

There may be thousands of Android theme launchers on the internet but why to use the Nova theme launcher. The reason lies in the ease of usability of Nova Launcher.  Nova launcher will help you to customise your handset in many ways and one of them is by changing the icon of the apps in the app drawer. However, there are preset themes and icon packs in the nova launcher which you can download and use them. Let us take a look at those Nova Launchers themes and icon packs.

1) Polycon theme and icon pack

polycon icon pack

Polycon theme and icon pack has a materialistic design and this design is followed by every other aftermarket operating system. This design is the design language for the stock Android operating system. This pack makes your interface looks like stock android and you can’t tell much of a difference between these icons and the icons in the stock android.

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The theme when enabled on your smartphone via Nova launcher, just simplifies your phone and makes it user-friendly. The main thing about this icon pack is that with this theme you can change each and every icon on your app tray and is compatible with every icon on your app tray. This theme supports many android launcher including Nova Launcher.


2) Min theme and icon pack

min android theme

Min themed icon pack can save a huge percent of your battery as it has only black and white as colors. The icons are white while the background is black in nature and it looks stunning in the shades of black and white. Those people who do not want their mobile phones to be a fancy can use this theme and icon pack.

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The icons here are very simple in nature and it gives a good interface. Furthermore, those who have a problem with their vision or are irritated by blue light can use this as this can prevent irritated eyes. The theme and icon pack is free of cost and you will be able to use colored backgrounds as well as it provides some cool and amazing wallpapers with the pack.


3) Voxel theme and icon pack

Voxel icon pack

This theme looks pretty much sporty as the icons look raised and are painted in white with colored backgrounds. The theme pack is for those who prefer to have a flat style icon and theme.  These icon packs are helpful in defining the icons and help in differentiating them from the background so that if you have a background which is full of objects then you don’t have to worry about the icons getting mixed with the objects of the background. They also provide cool wallpapers along with the themes and icon packs which make your smartphone look colorful and bright.


4) Rondo theme and icon pack

Rondo theme

This theme and icon pack is for those who are fond of colorful and vibrant display. When you install the icon pack it transforms the icons into rounded off icons. the advantage of rounded icons is that you can easily tap on that icon which you want to, without tapping any other icons. The home screen buttons are displayed on the screen when you install the theme pack. The Rondo icon and theme pack have over 20 wallpapers that look vibrant. Also, you get additional updates every few days so this theme pack can be very beneficial for modifying your handset.


5) Moonshine theme and icon pack

The moonshine icon pack has the touch of stock android and has been inspired by leaks and rumors that are floating on the internet. The theme has a material design for dashboard app and includes muzei wallpaper support. This pack supports over 900 icons which vary on the screen resolution of the device.

The theme also has 28 homemade wallpapers which look stunning. The theme has a great feature which is you can pick icons as you like from the set of recently added icons. This theme and icon pack can be easily found in google play store.


6) Gold theme and icon pack

Everyone likes gold because it shines the brightest and looks royal anywhere. Imagine having your icons of your smartphone painted in gold. This theme and icon pack does the same thing as it converts all your icon and gives them a golden look. The theme features more than 5000 icons and cloud wallpapers.

The theme also features dashboard app with the icon requests tool. The theme covers 20k apps for icons from the google play store.  Furthermore, it provides Muzei wallpaper support and this theme can also be downloaded from Google play store as well.


7) Retro theme and icon pack

There are people who are fond of the retro theme in their life and thus they have their day to day valuables under this theme and hence developers have created the retro theme and icon pack. This theme and icon pack features more than 1150 cons and that means it covers almost all the important apps and makes their icon look retro.

This pack not only helps to convert the icons but also change the whole display of your smartphone. This theme gets updated after few intervals and thus you don’t get bored with the same wallpaper. The app can be downloaded from the Google play store conveniently.


8) Light Void theme and icon pack

Light Void theme and icon pack

There are people who don’t like messy home screen and thus keep the no of app icons on the home screen minimal but then the ease of access becomes a dream for those users. What if they get to keep all the necessary apps on their home screen without making the home screen messy? The light void theme and icon pack helps users to keep their home screen looks neat and clean. The icons are painted white in color so these icons are not so vibrant and won’t cause any irritation to watch.

These icons are clean and flat in nature that comes with matching wallpapers included with the pack. there are transparent gaps in the icons as well so that the background does not get obstructed by the icons. There are about 200 wallpapers of nature included with the pack. The free version of the app can be found on google play store easily.


9) Cygnus Dark theme and icon pack

Cygnus Dark theme

The Cygnus dark theme and icon pack for Android smartphones gives the material designed look along with a shade of tinted edge and soft shadow. the overall theme looks very simple yet attractive in nature. the icons are flat in style and there are over 800 icons included with the pack.

The Cygnus dark theme and icon pack also includes cloud-based material wallpapers, icon request tool, 8 zooper templates and the Muzei support. This pack has over 100 thousand downloads from google play store and is not much large for storage space.


10) Greyscale theme and icon pack

The Greyscale theme and icon pack is designed to give a decent look to your smartphone. As the icons come in the shades of grey, it brings simplicity to the smartphone. The icons are pretty much unique in nature and bring a charm to your home screen.

This theme and icon pack consists of more 150 single themed icons and alternatives are added on daily basis. The pack also has 12 cloud-based wallpapers with Muzei support and has an icon request tool for requesting unthemed icons. You can easily find this app in the Google play store as it has over 50 thousand downloads in the Google play store itself.


The theme and icons packs mentioned here are not an app and need a medium to run on your smartphone. Although Nova Launcher is not only the one where this theme and icons pack can run as there are lots of launchers in the android market. Nova launcher is by far the easiest and popular launcher tool for every version of Android and hence it is preferred by many technology enthusiasts.

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