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First we had records, then there were cassette players- after that came discman which eventually evolved into MP3 players. Today though, we don’t need any of those as our phones have become capable enough to replace dedicated music devices.

Our phones also offer a wide variety of functions, one of which is the ability to cut, join and manipulate the music we listen to!

On today’s list, we are going to tell you the best music editor app you can use to edit your music and enjoy it just as you like it.

PocketBand - Social DAW1. PocketBand – Social DAW


PocketBand Pro – Social DAW is a very versatile music editor app which offers loops, mixing synths, drums, samplers, audio recordings, analog modulators, and arpeggiators. You can also combine these to create custom combinations and make dope music right on your phone. FX can be applied on channels and can be exported as MP3 or ringtones, the app also boasts of a community where the user can publish their work, play someone else’s work and collaborate with other creators.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio2. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio


Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is one of the best music editor app for advanced users which lets the user edit unlimited tracks. It offers features such as equalizer, loop playback, multitrack support, and MIDI recording. It also lets the user add sounds from virtual instruments and insert their sounds into the music being edited. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio also offer effects such as chorus, compressor, reverb etc. it is somewhat like garageband app found on Apple devices.

Voice PRO3. Voice PRO


Voice PRO offers compatibility with over a 100 audio formats and can render files of up to 32 kbps while allowing you to insert audio of your own. It also allows the user to merge two different files even if they are of different format and this to us is its biggest upside. Music properties like gain, time, and reverb can be fully manipulated and the final product can be rendered to a variety of audio formats. Another plus point for the Voice PRO is its ability to add plugins, with the included home screen widget the Voice PRO is one of the best audio editor on our list.

Media Converter4. Media Converter


If audio manipulation isn’t your thing and you just want to convert one format into another this is the perfect app for you. Media Converter allows you to convert a variety of obscure media formats to the more popular media formats namely mp3, mp4 mpeg4, aac etc. It also have conversion capabilities for Ogg, Avi (mpeg4, mp3), MPEG (mpeg1, mp2), Flv (Flv, mp3) and WAV. certain audio profiles like m4a, 3ga, OGA are available too for the user to choose from.

ZeoRing – Ringtone Editor5. ZeoRing – Ringtone Editor


If you are searching for an app just to edit a few music files and use them as your ringtone ZeoRing should be the end of your search. ZeoRing comes with a clean and easy to use interface which lets you edit files and cut them into ringtones and easily assign them to individual contacts or make them the default ringtone.ZeoRing allows the user to easily trim MP3, AAC, AMR, WAV files. You can also record audio and use it as ringtones.

FL Studio Mobile6. FL Studio Mobile


FL studio is one of the most popular music editing software for windows and if you ask any budding music producer what do they use there is a high chance they will answer with FL Studio. FL Studio Mobile is the lighter mobile friendly version of the same software. Features like high-quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits, and sliced-loop beats etc will leave you mesmerized when you use FL Studio Mobile. The app offers various effects such as audio ducker, distortion, equalizer, and delays. The app also comes with a few sample presets and can play configurable virtual instruments. All the files can be exported as MP3 as well as WAV too. This is a recommended app from our team as this  is the go to app for us when audio quality is our main concern.

Ringtone Maker 7. Ringtone Maker


A simple no fuss audio editor which comes with very basic features like copy and paste, fade in and fade out, and volume adjustment etc Ringtone Maker is a great basic app that lets you make simple ringtones from music files. You can set ringtones straight from the app and even edit formats like edit MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AAC (M4A), and 3GPP/AMR. The app comes with ads but those can be removed with a simple one dollar in app purchase.

Timbre8. Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3 and video


Timbre is like the jack of all trades but master of none, it does a few things well but nothing phenomenal. It works with both audio as well as video and allows the user to edit, cut, join and convert their media files. It has an ace up its sleeve too in the form of text to speech conversion. As a bonus It is a free app and has no ads.

Caustic 39. Caustic 3


While Caustic 3 isn’t an audio editor in the technical sense it does offer aneat feature list. Inspired by old rack mounted synthesizers Caustic 3  lets you choose upto 14 machines to work in sync. A few choices a user has are Subsynth, BeatBox, Vocoder, FMSynth, 8BitSynth, etc. there is also the ability to add two effects per machine to spice things up. Caustic 3 is a great app that lets you create something magical for free.

edjing Mix10. edjing Mix: DJ music mixer


No good list relating to audio can finish without edjing Mix: DJ music mixer getting a mention. This is the best app out there for the people who want to practice their DJing on the move. The app is very intuitive and has a great well designed interface that is very easy to use. This is an app one must try and this is one of our personal favorites.


So this was our list of the top music editors available on the google play store, we hope this list helps you rekindle the dwindling spark for music production or flame one if you don’t have one yet (We would be surprised if you don’t!)

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